Vietnamese temple steles in bid for heritage status

The ‘doctor laureate’ steles at Ha Noi’s Temple of Literature are being sent for consideration into UNESCO’s Memory of the World documentary heritage programme.

Temple steles make bid for UNESCO status [Link no longer active]
Viet Nam News, 30 Mar 2009
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Seminar on the Bujang Valley begins today

Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia’s Institute of the Malay World and Civilisation kicks off a two-day seminar today to develop a blueprint for research and tourism development at the 1,700 site in Kedah, the northern peninsular Malaysian state. Bujang Valley was in the news recently when a team from Universiti Sains Malaysia discovered evidence for iron smelting last month.

Seminar To Develop Blueprint On Bujang Valley
Bernama, 27 March 2009
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New history gallery at the Sarawak Museum

The newly-opened history gallery at the Sarawak Museum takes visitors to Sarawak’s past from the 7th century to today. I was particularly taken with the rock carving of the man on the boulder – whose name escapes me now.

Relics from the past at the Sarawak museum
The Star, 26 March 2009
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Not all gloomy at the Thai-Cambodian border

Around the same time there was a new standoff at Preah Vihear, a reminder that it’s not all tense and gloomy between Thailand and Cambodia. Researchers working on the Living Angkor Road project are helping young Thais and Cambodians celebrate their shared history and culture by revealing their findings on a local level. The Living Angkor Road Project is a cross-country project to chart the ancient highway between Angkor in Cambodia and Phimai in Thailand. Archaeology is a pretty powerful political tool to fuel nationalistic senses, but it can also an equally powerful tool to promote friendship by highlighting similarities and exchanges between cultures as well.

Project on Thai-Cambodian border bridges cultural ties through learning about a shared history

Bangkok Post, 24 March 2009
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Fresh face off at Preah Vihear

A tense – but short – faceoff ensued on Wednesday when Thai troops allegedly crossed over into the disputed zone surrounding Preah Vihear. No conflict ensued but the confrontation is a reminder of the unresolved border spat between Thailand and Cambodia.

Thai, Cambodian troops face off again near temple

25 March 2009
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Excavations begin at Koh Ker

The ‘Tomb of the White Elephant’, an artificial hill outside the ruins of Koh Ker is the subject of a current archaeological investigation by the Ecole Française d’Extrême-Orient.

A study of sacred places in ancient Cambodia: the Ecole française d’Extrême-Orient at work in Koh Ker

Ka-Set, via CAAI News Media, 24 March 2009
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Managing re-presentations of rock art

No rojak today (haven’t found anything interesting enough this past week), so I thought I’d post a few thoughts about my current research. The warhol-esque image represents a major part of my work, the digital image analysis and my attempts to re-present the rock art into meaningful bits of information.

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Vietnamese museum receives donation of 60 Dong Son artefacts

The Yen Bai province museum in Vietnam receives a donation of 60 artefacts from the Dong Son period.

Yen Bai Museum receives 60 antiques
The Voice of the Armed Forces and People, 23 March 2009
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Indonesian archaeologists add new items under heritage protection

A number of properties including Dutch colonial bunkers and megalithic terraces are declared to be under heritage protection by a team of archaeologists in Bogor.

Bunkers, stones, structures listed as protected heritage
Jakarta Post, 22 March 2009
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