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The construction of a Tesco outlet in Thailand’s Ayutthaya province has been delayed as an ancient wall from a fort built during th Ayutthaya-period in uncovered.

Ancient-wall find delays construction of Tesco outlet
Bangkok Post, 10 August 2008

Construction of a Tesco-Lotus Express retail outlet could be prohibited on a site where the remains of an ancient wall are being excavated, said Anek Sihamart, director of the Fine Arts Department office in Ayutthaya province. Mr Anek said the excavation will continue for three days. A report on the ancient wall found underground will then be submitted to a committee working on the preservation and development of the ancient city of Ayutthaya.

Methadol Wichakkana, director of the Ayutthaya Historic Park Office, said the construction of the Tesco-Lotus Express branch has been suspended until the committee makes a decision.

He said many buildings have been erected in the area and it is believed other parts of the ancient wall are buried beneath them.

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