Prehispanic artefacts in Cebu in danger from looting

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Pre-Hispanic artefacts, thought to be ceramics from the Chinese Ming Dynasty have been discovered during tunneling works in Philippines’ Cebu City. Local politicians are calling for the Philippine National Museum to take action amid reports that the artefacts are being looted and sold in the open market.

Artifacts found beneath tunnel
Cebu Daily News, 28 August 2008
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Refutation of Palau hobbits published

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Well, it had to happen soon enough. After the controversial discovery of similar hobbit-like skeletons from Micronesian Palau, a joint University of Oregon, North Carolina State Univerisity and Australian National University study published in PLOSone says that these skeleton weren’t hobbits but normal humans.

Small Scattered Fragments Do Not a Dwarf Make: Biological and Archaeological Data Indicate that Prehistoric Inhabitants of Palau Were Normal Sized
PLOSOne, 27 August 2008

Bone Parts Don’t Add Up To Conclusion Of Hobbit-like Palauan Dwarfs
ScienceDaily, 27 August 2008

Bone parts don’t add up to conclusion of Palauan dwarfs
EurekaAlerts, 26 August 2008

Little Big People
Science News, 26 August 2008

Human hobbits ‘a myth’

inthenews, 27 August 2008
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The great wall of Cambodia

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Now, this is where the story gets ridiculous. Cambodia has annnounced plans to erect walls across disputed border territories, including over the territory at Preah Vihear. In effect, they’re going to prevent access to the temple from Thailand and try building cable car(?) access from the Cambodian side. IMO, a move to block off Preah Vihear isn’t going to help with preserving the temple or attracting tourists.

Cambodia’s temple wall
Bangkok Post, 24 August 2008
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The misunderstood Indonesian dagger

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The kris, the wavy dagger of the Malay world, is recognised by UNESCO as part of the world’s intangible heritage. But in its native homeland, the dagger is surrounded by many superstitions and religious biases.

Exhibition to demystify the kris
Jakarta Post, 24 August 2008
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Preah Vihear talks optimistic; Cambodia and Thailand commit to peaceful resolution

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A new round of talks over the Cambodian-Thai border disputes began again on Tuesday at the town of Hua Hin. While no resolution is in sight, both countries made resolutions to resolve the conflict using existing commissions and to shelve the Ta Moan dispute for a later discussion.

Temple peace
Bangkok Post, 20 August 2008
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Call for Papers: Indonesia Council Open Conference

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Indonesia Council Open Conference 2009
University of Sydney
Camperdown Campus
15 – 17 July 2009
Please refer to the Indonesia Council website for registration details.

The Indonesia Council will be holding its fifth Open Conference on 15-17 July 2009, immediately after the ASILE conference, also to be held at the University of Sydney.

The ICOC is a multi-disciplinary conference which provides a forum for the presentation of new and innovative work on Indonesia with particular emphasis on encouraging engagement between newer Indonesianists and established scholars. It attracts participants from all over Australia and many other parts of the world.

There is no registration fee for the conference.
The Indonesia Council Open Conference has no funding available to assist participants. Please consult with your university to find out what funding options are available. Once you have registered for the conference we can provide you with a letter of confirmation that may assist you in securing funding.

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