Atlas of Vietnam’s palaeontology to be published next year

The Viet Nam Institute of Geoscience and Mineral Resources is set to publish a laboriously-compiled atlas of Vietnam’s palaeontology next year.

Scientists map out VN’s palaeontology [Link no longer active]
Viet Nam News, 29 July 2008
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Malacca kicks off month-long celebrations on Friday

After last weekend’s celebrations in George Town, the city of Malacca who is co-inscribed as a World Heritage Site kicks off its celebrations this Friday with a month-long festival.

Malacca celebrates for a month
New Straits Times, 29 July 2008
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Wednesday Rojak #36

This week on Wednesday Rojak, we find that there’s a lot more to Cambodia than Angkor Wat… but you already knew that, didn’t you? Plus, a couple of side trips to Laos and Thailand.

photo credit: deevaugn


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Waiting to see who pulls out of Preah Vihear first

The second day of renewed talks end with a slightly hopeful nope as both countries reiterate their intention to a peaceful resolution. However, the question of who will withdraw first hangs in the air…

Cambodia, Thailand mull troop pullout
The Age, 29 July 2008

Thai and Cambodian leaders begin talks
International Herald Tribune, 29 July 2008
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Unearthing Malacca's earliest skeletons

Remember the ancient bastions of fortress Malacca that was discovered late 2006 (see here and here)? There were also four 13th century skeletons discovered at the site, which was being analysed in the Centre for Archaeological Research Malaysia (where I’m based). They were having the press conference at the centre on Friday morning to announce the piece of news. Over the weekend, we also had the National Archaeology Seminar where we heard a paper presented about the skeletal finds from the site.

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Preah Vihear: Second round of talks resume today

Today, Thailand and Cambodia meet in Siam Reap (ironically, the name means ‘Victory over Siam’) for a second round to defuse the standoff at Preah Vihear.

Turbulent times of an ancient temple
Phnom Penh Post, 25 July 2008

Temple tensions take toll on tourism
Phnom Penh Post, 25 July 2008

Senate panels outline temple stance
The Nation, 25 July 2008

In ruins, one man finds reason to live
Bangkok Post, 26 July 2008

Thailand wants to keep U.N. out of Cambodian row
Reuters, 27 July 2008

Positive outcome expected in Siem Reap talk : New FM
The Nation, 27 July 2008

Penang gears up for weekend celebration

On a happier note, the newly-inscribed World Heritage Site of George Town in Penang is gearing up for a three-day long celebration starting today.

photo credit: erinEG6

Penang celebrates listing as World Heritage Site
The Star, 25 July 2008
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Thailand and Cambodia agree to go back to the table

After bringing the tense situation at Preah Vihear to the attention of the UN Security Council, Cambodia decides to withdraw the issue and go back to negotiations with Thailand. Talks will resume again on Monday.

Cambodia, Thailand agree more temple talks
Reuters, 24 July 2008

Taking the high ground at Preah Vihear
Asia Times, 24 July 2008
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UN tables Preah Vihear, both sides prepare for clashes

10 days into the standoff, it looks like the Preah Vihear issue will be tabled at the UN Security Council meeting. Cambodia is still on its diplomatic campaign to gain international support while the Thai PM has the remarkable gall to say the crisis will be over once the Cambodian elections are over – wasn’t it the incursion of Thai troops into disputed territory that sparked this whole debacle in the first place?

Waiting Game
The Phnom Penh Post, 22 July 2008

A Rumble in the Jungle?
Time, 22 July 2008

Cambodia warns Thai ‘aggression’ threatening region
Radio Australia, 23 July 2008
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