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Learn about the Ilonggo-Bisayans, one of the primary aboriginal groups in the Philippine islands.

Establishing pre-colonial Ilonggo identity
Philippine Enquirer, 22 February 2008

Ilonggo pre-history is primarily based on the so-called Maragtas, a document purportedly written in early times, detailing the coming of the ten Bornean datus to Panay, and translated into Spanish by a Spanish priest, Fr. Tomas Santaren. Eventually, the Spanish version was translated into Hiligaynon and English, the more prominent of which was the translation of Pedro Monteclaro of Miag-ao. Some scholars, however, consider the Maragtas as mere folk history because of its dubious historical narrative and because it has about six versions. Also, it is interlaced with events and stories quite fantastic to be true.

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