04 september 2007 (Vietnam Net Bridge) – An ancient tree-trunk coffin, found in the Quang Tri Province of Vietnam, is donated to the local museum. The coffin is said to be the material culture of either the Malayo-Polynesian people or the Mon-Khmers who operated in the area 700 years ago.

Vietnam Net Bridge, 4 Sep 2007

700-year-old tree coffin discovered in Quang Tri

The Quang Tri Museum has recently received an ancient coffin made from a tree trunk, according to the museum’s director, Mai Truong Manh.

The coffin was discovered on August 28 in Trung Chi village, Dong Luong ward, Dong Ha commune at 1.2 m underground when local residents were digging for the construction of an electricity post.

The coffin is 2.25 m in length, 0.49 m in width and 0.28 m in height with the body and lid skillfully done.

According to experts, burying the dead in tree trunk coffins was a custom of the Malaysian-Polynesian people who used to engage in trade in the Quang Tri area. It was also the tradition of the Mon-Kh’me language speaking group, who lived in the area 700 years ago.

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