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17 July 2006 (Press Information Bureau of India, and thereafter released on several Indian news sources) – New conservation project awarded to the Archaeological Survey of India for another Cambodian Temple.

After `Angkor Wat’ Archeological Survey of India gets restoration work of `Ta Prohm’ temple in Cambodia

After the successful completion of the Angkor Wat Project in Cambodia, the Cambodian Government has now assigned to the Archeological Survey of India another important project for restoration, the famous 12th Century “ Prasat Ta Prohm” Temple complex, built by King Jayavarman VII. The progress on this project was reviewed today by the Minister of Tourism & Culture, Smt. Ambika Soni and Minister of Tourism of Cambodia, Mr. Lay Prohas during a luncheon meeting, here today. The lunch was hosted by Smt. Soni in honour of the visiting dignitary.

The restoration work of Ta Prohm Temple complex, which is also situated in the Angkor Region and ranks high amongst the most important monuments of that area, is quite a challenging task as about 150 huge trees are growing in the complex and some of them are growing over the structures. Roots have penetrated the foundation and dislodged the stones of walls, vaults, towers etc.

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