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23 June 2006 (Borneo Bulletin) – 50-member expedition to survey Brunei’s heritage in Borneo returns with significant leads for future research, including artefacts and manuscripts to trace Brunei’s monarchic lineage.

Delegation returns from Brunei heritage exploration

The delegation of the ‘Jejak Kesultanan – Penyelidikan dan Pengumpulan Sejarah Brunei di Borneo’ returned from their exploration late Wednesday afternoon, RTB reported. The objective of recovering Brunei’s heritage believed kept in a number of areas in Borneo has apparently been achieved.

Most of the research, he said, were made along their land journey. They also discovered a Muslim mausoleum, the Makam Puteri Suraha in Sukadana, which is believed to relate to the Bruneian community pertaining to Islamic development in East Kalimantan, hence its ties to Brunei’s monarchy lineage.

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