27 May 2006 (The Star)

Prehistoric drawings risk being lost

Prehistoric drawings and inscriptions in more than 15 caves might be defaced due to lack of efforts to protect them, said National Museum archaeologist Sanim Ahmad.

He said the prehistoric drawings found on the walls of the Tambun Cave near Ipoh were so badly-damaged or smeared by graffiti that they were hardly-visible now.

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2 Replies to “Prehistoric drawings risk being lost”

  1. The ‘authorities’ have been talking for years about preserving the Gua Tambun rock paintings, but still nothing is done except talk. The paintings are exposed to the sun, wind and rain. Luckily most are high enough to be out of reach of vandals and graffiti artists. But unless something is done to preserve them , they will disappear for ever.

  2. I am working on my thesis about the cave paintings in northern Philippines. I’d like to see the ones in Malaysia for comparison. I’ve come across a bit of information about Tambun Cave and would like to know how I might access this cave. I’m particularly interested in black leaf motif paintings if any are available in Malaysia. Please email me with any comments.

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