28 Apr 2006 (Bernama) – Authorities deny existence of lost Johor city. Something doesn’t add up. If they conducted the field survey in July last year, why break the news 10 months later? Read the independent researcher’s side of the story.

Archaeologist Says Johor “Lost City” Does Not Exist

The “lost city” of Gelanggi or Linggiu, claimed to have been hidden in the jungles of Johor for more than a thousand years, does not exist, said an archaeologist in the National Heritage Department.

Khalid Syed Ali, the curator of archaeology in the department’s research and development division, said a team of researchers carried out a study over a month in July last year but found no evidence of the “lost city”.

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3 Replies to “Archaeologist Says "Lost City" of Johor Does Not Exist”

  1. I was informed that the expedition was a hastily-cobbled-together mass holiday for various so-called researchers from anyone who wanted to participate (mainly from ‘friendly’ organisations like a teacher’s college etc). As the whole discovery and release of info from RCR was somehow politically sensitive to researchers who have for years been siphoning govt funds for wild-goose chases, they never got the actual coordinates from RCR and went ahead to with the expedition to areas already covered in their govt-funded research.

    Yes, it is odd that they decided to release the info 10 months after this expedition, and it’s sad, and irresponsible for the team to make such a declaration when the single expedition turned out to be unsuccessful.

  2. BN is cover-up the history

    It is sad to see how BN is cheating the people!

    Really sad and the people can not trust BN anymore!

    It is time to invite more foreign researchers to come….British, Australia, taiwan, China must come now….search every inch of the land!

    All Johoreans must search the field now!

    People must act now…do the research now! Dig the field inch by inch and see…

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