15 Jun 2005 (malaysiakini.com) – Raimy Che Ross shares his (different) side of the story behind the lost city of Johor.

Discovery insight: Dumber and dumber

Somewhere in the underground vaults of a Jabatan Kerajaan’s Swedenborgian space, lurk two files; one marked “Gelanggi”; the other, “Linggui”.

The folder with “Linggui” scribbled over its cover should, by now, be about half a yard thick and bursting at its spine. Stuffed within are presumably minutes to clandestine meetings, press clippings, confidential memos, dodgy expedition plans, nefarious schemes, plus the frantic drafts of the forthcoming Cabinet Report due in August.

The other binder, bearing “Gelanggi” across its surface, would in comparison be quite a slim file. It would contain nothing more than a few personal letters and printed e-mails written by yours truly, my CV, perhaps copies of the JMBRAS article, and my original draft proposal for a proper follow-up expedition to validate the find.

Reason for the disparity?

Bolehlah-land buffoonery.

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11 Replies to “A tale of two cities – Raimy Che Ross' side”


  2. yes. like india ruled by the moguls until the british saved the parias.. hindus were long lost then, most of them changed to christianity to redefine their parianess.. my great respect to mahatma gandhi, though he is a hindu, he is my hero.. he died as a hindu, but he fought for all. don’t hate me, it’s the truth!

    oh btw, not all malays are muslim. when they convert to islam, they inherited the arab jahilia attitute. they became asian arabs wannabe. also, malays has a crossbreed religion in between hindu and buddha before islam. these religions shared by many but not owned. remember, they were invaded by raja chola from southern india. (is he a black hindu or white or brown? does this matter to you? if not, very good then.)

    it racial kind of claims that sides between us..

    i’m a malay and i’m willing to share in peace. the problem is that we are sharing with people who won’t share with us.. don’t talk about the same workload when your real god is money or greed.

    wassallam. may allah bless you and your family regardless of who you are and what race or country you came from.

  3. Hey Yellow cat,

    For ur info u should know that hindus are pariah, they did convert to christian at the same convert to muslim as well..

    maybe ur ancesstor convert from pariah too.. check ur background b4 call all hindus pariah… u bastard. Read the moguls history b4 comment.

  4. AK,

    Why so unreasonable? Read what Utusan Melayu reported:

    “…”Isu penemuan Kota Gelanggi di Johor pada tahun 2003 perlu dilihat sebagai kehebatan sejarah. Ia sebenarnya mempunyai sinonim dan ironinya dengan negeri Pahang kerana di negeri itu juga mempunyai sebuah tempat yang dikenali sebagai Kota Gelanggi.

    ”Kita perlu menyusur dan mencari penemuan baru ini kerana ia adalah khazanah yang tersembunyi dan artifak berharga yang boleh menyingkap kehidupan lampau di negara ini,” katanya.


  5. For you info Kuching kurap yellowcat or Saiful cat nthat doesn`t matter.There is no history for Malays,there learned their civilzation from the the Hindus for 1000 years.Why do you go around the Kaaba 7 times wherelse in your Kg Mosque you don`t even go around it for atlest 1 time.Where do you think your wedding Bersanding come from.Hindu have their own culture and way of life but not the Melayu ,semua tumpang tetapi loyar burok.What was the actual 3 original Malay words,if not mistaken—padi,besi and babi.Believe the facts and don`t be shy and say I got no father just because he is not handsome poor man,

  6. i think they could not find it. if you read what Raimy Che Ross has said here http://www.remotesensing.gov.my/tmspublisher/images/default/news_cutting/2005%20-%20Malaysia/Tracking%20down%20Kota%20Gelanggi%20-%20The%20Star,%204%20February%202005,%20page%204.pdf
    you will understand why the city could not be found.
    Raimy himself were lucky to find the path on his last day of searching and even he could not be able to continue the journey.
    Lastly, i read everything all of you posted here. Look, why calling each other names, why wanna maki maki here? Nobody wants to hide if they find these wonderful findings. So what if hinduism/buddhism were here first? Why feel like history being erased? Please do not bring racism and religion into this. All you feckshit are turning me into a racist.

  7. Remi could well find it but that depends on the blocks they install against one and all. With the full Establishment in the way, the pursuit will have to take a new form and breath.

    For the time being the full might of the Media, all means, all avenues are tapped. In some ways it’s like the ET, people believe, the US government is hiding.

    You can’t hide the truth but you can make disbelieve it with all the tools available.

  8. If you visit Bujang Valley, they show you a mocking structure which the authorities claim to be unearthed in that area. U are not allowed to venture into the real site. We Hindus in Malaysia believe that the Truth is out there.

    There was a claim in Malaysiakini in 2008 or 2009 that it is a restricted area and a water reservoir for the Republic Of Singapore government.

    The man has claimed he has seen structures of buildings submerged in the water reservoir.

  9. wow… i read thru the blog…but i’ll have to suggest that the archeologist who wrote some of those description might need to revise some… some findings you which might be able to find in Angkor Wat, Cambodia; temples in Nha Trang, Vietnam as well.. and the description is somehow different and misleading… attached are Lingga n Yoni..

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