Hotel developments in Bagan on hold

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The Myanmar Department of Archaeology reports that a number of hotel developments around and near the Bagan temples are on hold while the site is being prepare for Unesco World Heritage nomination. This is welcome news especially since zoning requirements in the temple areas have not been enforced until recently.

Bagan hotels on hold
TTR Weekly 17 June 2016

Over 40 hotel projects in the Bagan Ancient Cultural Region have been delayed since 2013, while their construction permits are reviewed.

Global New Light of Myanmar quoted Department of Archaeology director, U Zaw Zaw Htun, saying the department was reviewing the situation.

“The answer will only be realised once we’ve completed our negotiations with UNESCO for the recognition of Bagan as a World Heritage site… this impacts on the hotels’ future. For now, we’re still discussing possibilities.”

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Bagan ‘limbo’ hotels given 10 years to move

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Special zone for hotels in Bagan. Source: Myanmar Times 20160318

A large problem of the management of the Bagan temple heritage landscape is the number of hotels situated very near the temples. Now, they are given 10 years to move to a special zone and away from the temples.

Special zone for hotels in Bagan. Source: Myanmar Times 20160318

Special zone for hotels in Bagan. Source: Myanmar Times 20160318

Bagan ‘limbo’ hotels given 10-year edict
Myanmar Times, 18 March 2016

In a major blow to Bagan’s “limbo” hotels, the city has decided that within 10 years all hotels will have to move to a special zone.

The decision will particularly hit the owners of 42 hotels, inns and guesthouses, some of them still under construction, that have been anxiously awaiting a decision on their status.

All Bagan hotels will have to relocate to a specially designated hotel zone 4, located beside the Bagan-Kyaukpadaung road, after 10 years, said Sai Kyaw Ohn, deputy minister of hotels and tourism and a member of the Heritage Management Committee.

“That’s enough time for them to recover their investment, though some may lose out. But we can’t allow hotels in the Bagan heritage zone,” he said, adding that the decision had been accepted by the current government.

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Bagan zoning to be introduced

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Zoning rules will soon be put in place in Bagan to ensure developers do not build near the ancient temples, a move which will hopefully help the application process for Bagan’s World Heritage bid.

Bagan bans hotels near pagodas
TTR Weekly, 15 October 2015

Myanmar’s Ministry of Hotels and Tourism will designate cultural heritage zones in Bagan to help to speed up the process to gain UNESCO world heritage list status.

The government’s official media outlet, Global New Light of Myanmar, reported that building rules will be adapted to ensure real estate developers do not encroach on areas near the ancient monuments.

New zoning laws will help Myanmar to win support for Bagan to be listed as a UNESCO site.

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