Colloquium to bring ancient Vietnam to Germany

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Readers in Germany may expect an exhibition on the archaeology and history of Vietnam in a few years time, after a colloquium that was concluded last week in Hanoi.

Colloquium examines ancient culture
Vietnamnet, 01 Mar 2012
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Vietnam conducted 400 excavations in the last year

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A meeting of archaeologists in Vietnam has revealed the vibrant state of archaeological research in the country, including conducting over 400 excavations in the last year, and reaching milestone years fro the Vietnam History Museum and the Vietnam Archaeology Institute.

Yearly archaeological results announced
Vietnam Net Bridge, 02 October 2008
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Public lecture: Historical geography in Central Vietnam

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Vietnamese archaeologist Tran Ky-Phuong will give a public lecture later this month as part of the Singapore National Library’s Lee Kong Chian Fellowship series.

Interactions between Upland and Lowland by ‘Riverine Exchange Network’:
A Reference to the Historical Geography in Central Vietnam

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Uncovered: A Japanese village outside Phnom Penh


For once! An archaeology story in Cambodia that doesn’t link back to Angkor. Remnants of a 17th-century Japanese village were unearthed outside Phnom Penh. It seems that Japanese settlers had set up colonies in Cambodia, probably to facilitate trade. There have been other colonies found in Vietnam.

17th century Japanese village uncovered in Cambodia
AP via AOL news, 13 February 2008
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5 Southeast Asian archaeology sites to visit (that are not Angkor)

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Forget Angkor. Sure, it’s one of the largest religious monuments in the world, and you gotta admit that with spectacular architecture, sculpture and bas-reliefs there’s no wonder over two million people visited Cambodia last year. But the archaeological sites in Southeast Asian are so much more than the 11th century temple to Vishnu.

With some suggestions from the facebook group, SEAArch gives you the internet tour of five other spectacular archaeological sites in Southeast Asia open to the casual visitor – and three of them are UNESCO World Heritage Sites. So step in and take a look at some of the other great sites Southeast Asia has to offer – in Thailand, Malaysia, Indonesia, Vietnam, and yes, even Singapore!

Note: The names in parentheses denote the nearest airport.