Negeri Sembilan’s rainbow cave dig

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via Seremban Online, 06 August 2018: The archaeology team from Universiti Sains Malaysia is currently excavating a cave site called Gua Pelangi in Negri Sembilan.

It’s not easy being the Prof, but you can tell from his smile he wouldn’t have it any other way. Squatting six feet underground, at the bottom of a carefully measured square plot in the confines of a steamy, humid cave near Kuala Pilah, Prof Datuk Dr Mokhtar Saidin sweeps away some dirt with a soft brush, scratches his head, leans against the muddy wall, then for three or four minutes makes some notes and draws some simple diagrams-it’s not the most glamorous part of the job done by USM Global Archaeology Research Centre director professor Mokhtar but it is exciting.

Source: Negeri Sembilan’s rainbow cave dig | serembanonline

USM launches archaeotourism packages to bridge public and archaeology

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Archaeology fans can get their hands dirty and dig up ancient artefacts at actual excavation sites in Perak and Kedah or at a mock excavation site at Universiti Sains Malaysia (USM).

USM recently launched its archaeotourism package, especially aimed at students and visitors interested in archaeology, for a hands-on tour of actual archaeological sites in Sungai Batu and Lenggong Valley. There is also an USM Archaeology Gallery within the USM compound in Penang that details all of the archaeological sites in Malaysia, with exhibits of artefacts dug up in those excavations.

Source: Like archaeology? Now you can dig at real excavation sites | Malaysia | Malay Mail Online

Malaysian archaeology exhibition at Sabah Museum

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An exhibition on the archaeology of Malaysia recently opened at the Sabah Museum, highlighting the archaeology of Mansuli, a palaeolithic site that may date as far back as 235,000 years.

Borneo’s oldest Palaeolithic site found in Lahad Datu [Link no longer active]
New Straits Times, 10 April 2012

Archaeologists hit ‘gold’ at Mansuli
The Star, 10 April 2012
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New gallery for Neolithic site in Penang

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An archaeological gallery will be set up for the Guar Kepah site in Penang, a Neolithic shell midden site. It appears that the shell middens were also used as burial mounds.

Guar Kepah excavation, The Sun 20120227

Guar Kepah excavation, The Sun 20120227

New gallery to showcase 6,000-year-old culture
The Sun, 27 February 2012
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Lenggong Valley dossier sent to Unesco


Archaeologists in Malaysia have sent a dossier to Unesco proposing that the Lenggong Valley be inscribed as a World Heritage Site. The valley in the state of Perak is home to a number of prehistoric sites, including Gua Gunung Runtuh, where a 10,000-year-old skeleton was found, as well as Bukit Bunuh, where a hand axe has been dated to 1.83 million years.

USM Proposes Lenggong Valley, The Star 20110214

USM proposes a Valley of Heritage
The Star, 14 February 2011

Paleolithic Complex Site To Be Gazetted By Unesco
Bernama, 14 February 2011
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Indian scholars highlight links between Tamil kingdoms and Bujang Valley

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Speaking after their recent presentations on Bujang Valley in Kuala Lumpur in July, some Indian scholars note the important role that Bujang Valley in Kedah, Malaysia, played in the spread of Buddhism, Hinduism and the Pallava Grantha script in the region.

Remnants of a relationship [Link no longer available]
The Hindu, 19 August 2010
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Calls for protection, nomination and more research at Bujang Valley

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Plans are bing made to nominate the Bujang Valley in Kedah as a World Heritage Site, as a result of archaeological work carried out there over the last 20 years; at the same time, researchers are calling for the protection of sites and expansion of research questions to better understand what went on in Kedah in the early centuries AD.
New Discoveries At Bujang Valley To Be Nominated For Heritage Status
Bernama, 06 July 2010

Declare Sungai Batu Area National Heritage Site – Researcher
Bernama, 07 July 2010

In-Depth Studies Needed To Establish Bujang Valley’s Early History – Archeologists
Bernama, 07 July 2010

The Bujang Valley rises at last
The Sun, 08 July 2010
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