An Incredibly Detailed Map Of Medieval Trade Routes

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via Merchant Machine, 19 May 2018: Trade routes of the world in the 11th and 12th centuries, including Southeast Asia!

Map created by reddit user martinjanmansson. Click to zoom in. The map above is probably the most detailed map of Medieval Trade Routes in Europe, Asia and Africa in the 11th and 12th centuries you can find online. It includes major and minor locations, major and minor routes, sea routes, canals

Source: An Incredibly Detailed Map Of Medieval Trade Routes

Nan'ao-1 gives insight to ancient black market trade

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Despite a trade ban in the 16th century, salvage from the Nan’ao-1 off Shantou City reveals that there was a healthy demand for Chinese export goods, leading ships to engage in illegal trade for profit.

Ancient ship gives up hoard of rare porcelain
Xinhua, via the Shanghai Daily, 03 May 2010
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Ceramics unearthed in Japan display Vietnamese links

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10 June 2007 (Viet Nam News) – This story starts off with how Vietnamese ceramics have been found in Japan, and continues to talk about the ceramic tradition of Vietnam from ancient times to now.

Potters keep in touch with prehistoric roots

Archaeologists have discovered 14-century ceramic products of Vietnamese origin in Sakai, a small Japanese town that used to be a busy commercial port in the 15th and 16th centuries. Digs at the Royal Palace in Okinawa have also revealed many Vietnamese ceramic articles.

From the 15th to 17th centuries, Viet Nam and Japan traded earthenware. Vietnamese products appealed to the Japanese sense of humbleness for their simple forms and somewhat coarse finish. The tapered bowls that required both hands to hold were found to be more convenient than the smaller and more delicate Chinese cups.

Ceramic production made its debut in Viet Nam 4,000 years before the Christian era, in the first cultures of the Bronze Age. By the time of the Dong Son culture that marked the peak of the prehistoric civilisation in the basin of the Hong (Red) River in the first millennium before Jesus Christ, the potter’s wheel and the oven had been introduced.

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