Serbian pair fined after temple ‘legs’ photos spread

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via Bangkok Post, 25 March 2018: A pair of Serbian tourists fined for taking inappropriate photos on the Grand Palace in Bangkok.

Two Serbian nationals were yesterday charged with public indecency and fined 5,000 baht each over their taking of inappropriate pictures on the wall of a Phra Ubosot hall in Wat Phra Si Rattana Satsadaram, within the precinct of the Grand Palace, said the Tourist Police Bureau (TPB).

Source: Serbian pair fined after temple ‘legs’ photos spread

Woman sitting in lap of Buddha statue draws ire online

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via Bangkok Post, 09 March 2018:

A female tourist sitting in the lap of a large Buddha statue at Wat Yai Chai Mongkhol has attracted a lot of criticism from netizens after her photos went viral online.

Source: Woman sitting in lap of Buddha statue draws ire online

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Russian pair held for offensive photos at Angkor Wat

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via Khmer Times, 28 Feb 2018: More tourists behaving badly at Angkor – this time a pair of Russian tourists caught taking scantily clad photos in the sacred temple complex.

The Heritage Protection Police at Angkor Wat detained two Russians for taking photos in “sexy clothes” at Preah Khan temple in the Angkor Archaeological Complex, Siem Reap province.

Source: Russian pair held for offensive photos at Angkor Wat – Khmer Times

Tourist returns stolen bricks to Thai temple

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via Deutche Welle, 05 February 2018: Tourist steals bricks from Ayutthaya, suffers an ‘unpeaceful’ life, returns them by mail.

An envelope containing three bricks believed to be centuries old and a note in Thai was sent to the Tourism Authority of Thailand last week, said Panupong Paengkul, a tourism official in the ancient city of Ayutthaya where the bricks were reportedly stolen from. “The note indicated that the bricks should be returned to any temple in Ayutthaya because the sender had not lived a peaceful life since, but it didn’t elaborate on what had really happened,” Panupong said. “The note was written in Thai. I suspect it was translated by Google,” he added, declining to reveal the name and nationality of the sender.

Source: Tourist returns stolen bricks to Thai temple | Deutche Welle

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Bagan, Myanmar: Tourist jailed for wearing shoes inside ancient city

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via, 01 September 2017: We’ve covered this story before, and this story reiterates the stiff penalties for disrespecting Buddhist traditions in Myanmar. The Russian tourist who repeatedly refused to remove her shoes while visiting the Bagan temples was sent to 6 months of prison and hard labour!

The big tourist warning for Myanmar

Source: Bagan, Myanmar: Tourist jailed for wearing shoes inside ancient city

Tourists behaving badly, Thailand edition

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Inappropriate behaviour in Thai temples. Source: Bangkok Post 20150808

A pair of Thai women were recently arrested for dressing up in ‘racy’ clothing, dancing in front of a temple in Ayutthaya, and then posting the video on YouTube. It’s certainly not as severe as stripping bare and taking nude photos, but as Thais the judgement against them is that ‘they should have known better’, as opposed to foreigners (‘farang’) who are sometimes forgiven for acting like idiots because they are seen as ignorant.

Inappropriate behaviour in Thai temples. Source: Bangkok Post 20150808

Inappropriate behaviour in Thai temples. Source: Bangkok Post 20150808

Racy temple dancers surrender
Bangkok Post, 08 August 2015

Two women who starred in a video of a racy dance staged inside Wat Chaiwatthanaram in Ayutthaya reported to police on Saturday to face charges of violating ancient monuments legislation.

Thannicha Nampanya, 27, of Maha Sarakham, and Nitikarn Chotthanapongsathit, 30 of Khon Kaen, turned themselves in to Phra Nakhon Si Ayutthaya district police on Saturday, said Pol Maj Gen Sanit Mahathavorn, deputy chief of Provincial Police Region 1

They have been charged with violating Section 13 of the Ancient Monuments, Antiquities and National Museums Act for actions deemed to cause damage to morals or insult to religion and culture, and for actions that jeopardise peace and order in public areas. The offences carry a jail term of up to one month and/or a fine of 10,000 baht, said police.

The video clip of two women in short red dresses gyrating to music inside Wat Chaiwatthanaram, part of a Unesco World Cultural Heritage site, drew the wrath of the public and the authorities. The five-minute clip was uploaded to YouTube by a user named VKIZZ on Aug 5 and has since been labelled “private”.

Rawat Prasong, the assistant governor of Ayutthaya, on Friday called for legal action against the women, saying that both their actions and attire were improper. Pratheep Phengtako, director of the Fine Arts Office Region 3 in Ayutthaya, had also vowed to take action against the women and their accomplice who recorded the performance.

Full story here.

Another trio of tourists deported for taking pants off in Angkor


Yet again, tourists were caught last week taking photos of themselves with their pants down in the Ta Prohm temple. I really think it’s time to start meting out stiff punishments like actual jail time rather than suspended sentences and deportations.

Ta Prohm Roots (view on black)

Ta Prohm exhibitionists face expulsion
Phnom Penh Post, 11 May 2105

Bare-bottom Angkor tourists go to court
AFP, via Bangkok Post, 11 May 2015

Italian ‘took bare bottom snaps’ at Angkor temple
The Local, 11 May 2015

Three foreigners detained for taking nude photos at Cambodia’s famed Angkor heritage site
Xinhua, via Shanghai Daily, 11 May 2015

Three tourists face court over nude photos at Cambodia’s Angkor complex
ABC News, 12 May 2015

Tourists in Court for Naked Photos at Temple
Cambodia Daily, 12 May 2015

Tourists keep stripping at Cambodian temples and officials are not amused
Washington Post, 12 May 2015

Tourists keep baring their butts at Cambodia’s Angkor Wat temple
Fox News, 12 May 2015

Nude shutterbugs get suspended sentences
Phnom Penh Post

Siem Reap Provincial Court yesterday suspended prison sentences for three foreign tourists convicted of taking photos of their naked buttocks at Angkor Archaeological Park and ordered they be deported.

Italian Bruno Margrini, 30, Argentinean Luciano Gaston Munoz, 30, and Dutch national Kiri Stamou, 19, were arrested on Monday afternoon after being caught taking photos with their pants down by guards at the Ta Prohm temple.

Their arrest marks the third time this year foreign travellers have been busted taking nude photos at the historic World Heritage Site.

While noting the trio’s remorse, judge Hok Pov yesterday handed Margrini and Munoz a seven-month suspended sentence and fined them $315. Stamou, meanwhile, received a six-month suspended sentence and $200 fine.

Full story here, other links in titles.

Not again! Another pair of tourists caught taking nude photos at Angkor


I don’t know if this is some kind of new trend, or just another act of gross stupidity. A pair of tourists, American this time, were caught taking nude photos at Preah Khan. Like the previous French tourists, they were fined, deported and given suspended sentences. Perhaps it is time to give such tourists mandatory jail time?

Preah Khan library

US sisters Lindsey and Leslie Adams arrested for nude photos in temple at Cambodia’s Angkor
AFP, via Radio Australia, 07 February 2015

Sisters ‘arrested and kicked out of Cambodia after taking NAKED photos at sacred Buddhist temple’
The Mirror, 07 February 2015

Arizona sisters arrested for snapping naked pictures at Cambodia Angkor temple: officials
New York Daily News, 07 February 2015

Two American sisters arrested in Cambodia after stripping off and taking nude photos inside the sacred Angkor Wat temple
Daily Mail, 07 February 2015

American Sisters Held for Posing Nude in Cambodian Temple Complex
The Hindustan Times, 07 February 2015

Cambodia detains 2 American female tourists for taking nude photos
Xinhua, via Global Times, 07 February 2015

American sisters arrested for ‘taking naked photos’ in Cambodia’s Angkor Wat
The Telegraph. 07 February 2015

Two American sisters are arrested in Cambodia for taking naked photos inside the Angkor temple complex, officials say.

Two American sisters have been arrested in Cambodia for taking naked photos of each other inside the country’s famed Angkor temple complex in the latest nude stunt by tourists to spark anger, officials say.

Lindsey Adams, 22, and her 20-year-old sister Leslie were discovered taking “nude pictures” inside the Preah Khan temple at the world heritage site on Friday, the Apsara Authority – the government agency managing the Angkor complex – said in a statement.

Full story here.