Chu Dau ceramic tradition finds a new lease of life

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25 November 2007 (Vietnam Net Bridge) – A feature on the Chu Dau pottery tradition, centred on the Chu Dau village and recently revived for the international market. Chu Dau’s pottery was once popular during the 14th-17th centuries.

Northern pottery village wakes up to 500-year-old craft

Lying snugly beside a graceful river in northern Viet Nam’s Hai Duong province, the Chu Dau Pottery Village, dating back to the 15th century is churning out tens of millions of artistic handmade items a year, many of which have found their way to over 50 countries worldwide.Verging on the bank of the Thai Binh River, it used to be the biggest pottery center of Vietnam from the 14th to 17th centuries and its potters were the most talented in making azure glazed pottery. Its products were ordered in huge quantities by Japanese and French businessmen at that time, according to history books.

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The mystery of Chu Dau ceramics

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30 September 2007 (Viet Nam News [Link no longer active]) – I’m back after a week of exploring Malaysia and I’ll be catching up on the posts that I missed out on during the last week. We start off this week in Vietnam with a fascinating story about Chu Dau ceramics, named after a 15th century ceramics production site and an artisan named Bui Thi Hy – and an alternative theory that Bui was a woman.

Viet Nam News, 30 Sep 2007

Mystery woman of the Chu Dau ceramics [Link no longer active]
A sunken ship discovered off the coast of Hoi An in 2000 set off a wave of interest in the rare ceramics within. Nguyen My Ha and Ta Quynh Hoa unravel the mystery of the 15th century artisian who created some of the worksAt 62 years of age, Bui Xuan Nhan buried himself in newspapers and magazines, sifting through piles of archived materials to research the Gia Loc District Communist Party for a competition. But during his search, he stumbled across an article that would take him far from his initial pursuit and towards astonishing findings about trade and the place of women in Vietnamese history.

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