Ta Moen temple becomes source of new Thai-Cambodia conflict

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While I was away at the field over the weekend, another border temple became a source of conflict between Thailand and Cambodia. Despite the sudden media interest, this particular dispute is not new, as Andy Brouwer explains, and has been brewing for some time now. Since the breaking of the “new” conflict, both sides have taken measures to prevent any military standoff, laudably by the Thai side who have withdrawn troops from the area. However, in a bizarre (and probably tit-for-tat) twist, they have also moved to nominate Ta Moan temple as a World Heritage Site.

Thais accused over new temple row

BBC, 03 August 2008

Cambodia starts squabble over second temple
Bangkok Post, 03 August 2008

Thai troops ‘occupy second temple’
Al Jazeera, 03 August 2008
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