Fresh fighting between Thai and Cambodian forces

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Another firefight between Cambodian and Thai forces broke out today at another disputed border temple, Ta Krabey. Reports of casualties and deaths sustained on both sides.

Thailand and Cambodia in fresh border clash
BBC, 22 April 2011

New border clash kills 4 Thai soldiers
Bangkok Post, 22 April 2011

New fighting at border
Phnom Penh Post, 22 April 2011
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Soldiers withdraw from third disputed temple, Cambodia seeks UN intervention (again)

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The standoff at the third disputed temple fizzles after two days, thanks to a calm meeting between the military commanders of boths sides over the weekend. This third incursion isn’t making relations between the two any better, and the Cambodian prime minister has indicated that they will seek to resolve the dispute through the UN, something that Cambodia has tried to do before.

Thai soldiers leave Ta Krabey
The Phnom Penh Post, 16 September 2008

Govt to take temple row to the UN
The Phnom Penh Post, 16 September 2008

Cambodia gripes that Thailand is ‘testing patience’
Bangkok Post, 15 September 2008
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