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Archaeologists discover temple complex in South Sumatra

Archaeologists in Indonesia discover a temple complex site in Southern Sumatra that may date to the Majapahit or Srivijaya period.

Archaeologists temple complex site in Pagaralam Antara, via Kompas, 29 Aug 2012 (in Indonesian)


Last chance to catch Sumatra: Isle of Gold

The Sumatra: Isle of Gold has been exhibiting at the Asian Civilisations Museum in Singapore since the end of July, but I hadn’t had the chance to take a visit because of some reason or another. But finally, I had the chance to catch the exhibition this morning, and lucky thing too – the exhibition […]

Thailand prepares more sites for the world heritage list

Thailand announces ongoing fact-finding programmes to propose five new sites into Unesco’s World Heritage Site list by next year. Among the sites are the ancient cities of Chiang Saen and Suvannakhomkham, which shares Laotian territory; the Lanna kingdom in the north, as well as the Srivijaya-Nakhon Si Tammarat cultural route.

photo credit: The Wandering […]

Bronze Buddha stolen from Palembang museum; thieves captured

The police moved quickly to apprehend a gang of four behind the theft of a Bronze Buddha statue from a museum in Palembang. One of the thieves was shot in the leg while trying to resist arrest. Ouch.

S. Sumatra Police question museum employees over missing Buddha statue Jakarta Post, 13 March 2009

South Sumatra […]

Wednesday Rojak #37

This week’s rojak has an Indonesian focus as we feature blog posts about Srivijaya, Homo floresiensis and a resurrected Prambanan website.

photo credit: simon.monk


Thai Srivijaya to be a World Heritage Site?

May thanks to Andy for the heads up. The Thai Fine Arts Department is hoping to propose three new sites in Thailand: Lanna, a section of the Chao Phraya river in Bangkok and the Srivijaya ruins in Southern Thailand.

photo credit: The Wandering Angel

Anusorn pushes for listing of Thai sites Bangkok Post, 17 […]

International Conference on Srivijaya Civilization, July 16 – 19, 2008

From the Palembang Centre for Archaeology:

It is the general assumption that Srivijaya was an powerful maritime kingdom that played an important role in the political forum in early Southeast Asia for many centuries, from 7th century to the end of 13th century AD. Just as its sudden appearance not very much is known of […]

Nalanda and the Southeast Asian connection

If you’re in Singapore between now and March 2008, don’t miss a unique opportunity to drop by the Asian Civilisations Museum for a special exhibition called On the Nalanda Trail, which showcases Buddhism in India, China and Southeast Asia and traces the pilgrimages of three Chinese monks as they travel to India and back. I’ve […]

A Short History of Malaysia

Today’s short history series focuses on Malaysia. Again, the information here is scant and sometimes contradictory. […]

A short history of Indonesia

Perhaps the Brunei Times is running a series about writing the short histories of different countries in Southeast Asia. Today, it publishes a short history of Indonesia – not particularly accurate, it gives a sense as if there were a series of empires that replaced one another, that Srivijaya was replaced by the Sailendra and the Mataram who in turn were replaced by the Majapahit. In reality, Srivijaya lasted all the way to the 12th century before getting run out of Sumatra by the Majapahit. (See my earlier article about Srivijaya.) The Sailendra empire also had dynastic links with Srivijaya. The article also makes no distinction between the shifts in centres of power between Sumatra (Srivijaya) and Java (Sailendra, Mataram and Majapahit). You might also want to look up the Indonesian timeline featured earlier in this site. […]