Malaysian museums to study Bunga Emas gifted to Thai kings

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The Malaysian Museums department announced their intention to study the Bunga Emas tributes gifted by the Sultanate of Kedah to to King of Siam from the 19th century to the early 20th centuries. Bunga Emas or ‘gold flowers’ were sculptures of a flowering tree made from gold and were traditionally sent as tributes by the Malay kingdoms.

Replica Bunga Emas from Alor Museum, Alor Star. The Star, 20101207

Museum Dept to have a closer look at Bunga Emas in Bangkok
The Star, 07 December 2010
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Ayutthaya, Metropolis of the East

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I was in Bangkok last week but I didn’t make the day trip to the former Thai capital of Ayutthaya as planned. Set in an island in the confluence of the Lopburi, Prasak and Chao Praya rivers, Ayutthaya was the capital to the Thai kingdom from the 14th to 18th centuries. It received many foreign visitors, from as far away as Europe and came to be known as the Venice of the East.

Ancient cultural melting pot [Link no longer active]
Bangkok Post, 05 April 2008
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