Queen mother’s rickshaw now on display in Hue

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Queen Mother Tu Minh's rickshaw. Source: Viet Nam News 20150423

A Nguyen Dynasty-era rickshaw that was taken out to France, and recently repatriated when it was sold at an auction, is finally back in Vietnam and now on display in Hue.

 Queen Mother Tu Minh's rickshaw. Source: Viet Nam News 20150423

Queen Mother Tu Minh’s rickshaw. Source: Viet Nam News 20150423

Antique rickshaw back from France
Viet Nam News, 23 April 2015

The conservation centre in Hue yesterday opened a new section inside the former Imperial Citadel to display the ambience of the queen mothers under the Nguyen dynasty (1802-1945).
The area was used as a waiting lounge for guests who paid visits to the queen mothers in Dien Tho Palace, part of a harem designated for queen mothers.

The items on display include a wooden rickshaw that the Hue Monuments Conservation Centre bought at an auction in France for US$100,000.

The rickshaw was used by Queen Mother Tu Minh, who was given it as a gift by her son, King Thanh Thai, (1879-1954) for the queen to move around inside the vast palace.

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Royal Vietnamese rickshaw comes home

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A rickshaw used by a kind of the Nguyen Dynasty has returned to Vietnam this week, after having been won in an auction last year in Paris thanks to local funds.

King Thanh Thai's rickshaw. Source: Thanh Nien News 20150408

King Thanh Thai’s rickshaw. Source: Thanh Nien News 20150408

Hue bringing home royal rickshaw from France, hopes to retrieve plundered relic
Thanh Nien News, 08 April 2015

A royal rickshaw that Hue conservation authorities have retrieved from France after more than a century is coming home this month, and it might inspire more efforts to get back the other rickshaw and more lost antiques.

Phan Thanh Hai, director of the Hue Monuments Conservation Center, said the rickshaw would arrive in Vietnam on April 14 from the Vietnamese embassy in France which has the relic now.

The rickshaw was made by King Thanh Thai, the 10th emperor of Vietnam’s last dynasty, the Nguyens, who ruled in Hue, for his Mother Queen Tu Minh.

Thanh Thai, who ruled from 1889 to 1907, was known as a patriotic king and was one of three rulers – including his predecessor Ham Nghi and his son Duy Tan – to be dethroned and banished for opposing the French colonizers.

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