Angkor sees revenue boost due to price hike

TTR Weekly, 11 April 2017: Revenue has risen, as expected, but also, the number of visitors has risen as well.

Ticket sales revenue earned from foreigners visiting Angkor Wat archaeological park reached USD30.85 million during January to March, this year, up 51.6% compared with the same period last year.
Khmer Times quoted figures released by the state-owned, Angkor Institution, which is in charge of ticket sales at the World Heritage site.
The report also claimed the number of foreign visitors to the World Heritage site rose 8.95% to 764,146 in the first quarter of 2017, compared to the same period last year.

Source: Angkor fees boost national coffers : TTR Weekly

Angkor revenues questioned

I suspect this story is more about local politics than archaeology: the Angkor Archaeological park generates millions of dollars in ticket sales revenue for Cambodia, but local lawmakers are disputing the figures.

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Cambodia Daily, 23 December 2014

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Cambodian officials refute damage by light fixtures; Angkor revenues down 20%

Cambodian officials have denied that holes were drilled into the walls of Angkor Wat for the installation of light fixtures, which will allow visitors into Angkor until 8.30 at night. The lights are also said to be solar powered, rather than tapping onto the existing electricity grid. Can any recent visitors to Angkor confirm this? It’d be interesting to see how the light setup looks like, and how the atmosphere of the ancient temples change at night. This recent push to extend Angkor’s opening hours comes at a time when visitor revenues have dropped 20% in the first quarter of the year. The Apsara Authority blames the political instability in Thailand for the drop in revenue, but I also suspect that it’s the global downturn that’s having a significant role in the depressed tourism numbers.

Cambodia '08 - 214 - Angkor Wat
photo credit: mckaysavage

New lighting for night visits at Angkor Wat ‘will not damage’ site
Earth Times, 3 June 2009

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