Ancient well found in Central Vietnam

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The remains of a well, thought to belong to the 12th century Cham period, was discovered in Vietnam’s Quang Nam Province.

Ancient well discovered in Quảng Nam Province
Viet Nam News, 06 May 2016

An ancient well has been discovered in Quảng Nam Province due to the joint efforts carried by the provincial Department of Culture, Sports and Tourism and local administrators and villagers of Hương An Commune to protect an ancient Chăm well that has been excavated in the region.

The ancient well, which is presumed to be built in the 12th century, has square structure, each side of which is nearly 1m long. It is made of ancient Chăm bricks, similar to materials used in other Chăm temples within Quảng Nam Province.

According to Tôn Thất Hướng, head of the department, archeologists have confirmed through their studies and surveys that a Chăm community used to inhabit in the area surrounding the ancient well for many centuries.

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Italy to help support conservation and restoration in Vietnam’s Quang Nam province

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Italy is helping to fund a programme to set up a vocational training programme to help with the restoration and preservation of sites in Quang Nam province, home of the My Son Sanctuary.

Quang Nam heritage conservation project gets financial support
Viet Nam News, 02 November 2015

A project on restoration and preservation of heritage sites in Quang Nam is being implemented, Vice-Director of Quang Nam’s Department of Culture, Sports and Tourism Ho Xuan Tinh said.
The project involves the setting up of a vocational training centre.

The initiative aims to increase management and competency in preserving cultural and relic sites in the central province. It could also increase the value of local cultural heritage spots.

The project is being launched as part of co-operation between the relevant agencies of the department and Quang Nam Vocational School.

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Travel feature on the My Son Sanctuary

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The My Son Sanctuary. Source: Viet Nam Net 20150502

Viet Nam Net’s feature on the My Son Sanctuary in Central Vietnam. There are plenty of photos in the news article.

The My Son Sanctuary. Source: Viet Nam Net 20150502

The My Son Sanctuary. Source: Viet Nam Net 20150502

Mysterious beauty of the oldest sanctuary in Vietnam
Viet Nam Net, 02 May 2015

Over time, the My Son Sanctuary has acquired an ancient, mysterious beauty, attracting many domestic and foreign tourists.

The My Son Sanctuary is located in Duy Phu commune, Duy Xuyen district, of Quang Nam province, central Vietnam. It is 70 km from Da Nang City and 40 km from Hoi An. This is a Hindu holy place of the ancient Kingdom of Champa.

According to traditional rituals, whenever a king came to the throne, they had to go to My Son Holy to make rites, offer gifts and build temples.

This area was discovered in 1885 by a group of French soldiers. Ten years later (1895), archaeologist Camille Paris made the first exploration. Since then until 1904, many researchers and archaeologists have visited here to reveal the secrets, including Louis Finot, Henri Parmentier and others.

My Son Sanctuary is located in a valley of about 2 km in diameter, surrounded by hills and mountains. It consists of 70 towers, which are divided into several clusters and built according to the same principle.

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