Minister slams government for lack of Bujang Valley protection

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A state minister in Malaysia has criticised the federal government of Malaysia for not protecting the Bujang Valley in Kedah as a heritage site.

Bujang Valley Museum

Ramasamy furious Bujang Valley not yet a heritage site
FMT News, 22 April 2016

Penang Deputy Chief Minister II P Ramasamy has slammed the federal government for not preserving the historical Bujang Valley in Kedah by gazetting it as a heritage site.

The DAP leader was responding to a recent report in The Sun that a group of local university students were found playing “station games” atop a candi (ancient tomb or temple built during the Hindu and Buddhist periods) at the Archaeological Museum there.

“Despite the monuments there dating back more than 2000 years, the site has not received the kind of attention that is due from the Malaysian government.

“While the Bujang Valley has not been gazetted as a heritage site despite many requests, the ancient monuments and sites face the danger of being abused or even demolished by unscrupulous land developers,” he said in a statement today, citing the demolition of a reconstructed candi by a developer to make way for a housing project in the valley, several years ago.

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Managing the Ho Citadel site more difficult than imagined

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The Ho Citadel. Source: Viet Nam News 20140608

Vietnam’s Ho Citadel in Thanh Hoa Province was declared a World Heritage Site in 2011, but there is a conflict now between the authorities and the people living in the protected buffer zone over illegal construction.

The Ho Citadel. Source: Viet Nam News 20140608

The Ho Citadel. Source: Viet Nam News 20140608

Ho Citadel the site of a modern conflict
Viet Nam News, 08 June 2014
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Lenggong Valley needs much work for 2014 deadline

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Local experts caution the need for proper management in order for the Lenggong Valley archaeological area to be ready for a 2014 deadline for its World Heritage Site inscription. Among the chief problems are the lack of adequate protections for the numerous archaeological sites in the area, and proper infrastructure in order to facilitate safe and non-invasive tourist access to these areas.

Preserving Lenggong Valley
The Star, 04 Sep 2012
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