Geologists, archaeologists monitoring mudflow near Prambanan temples

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Archaeologists and geologists are still concerned with the threat of volcanic mudflow from Mt Merapi, combined with the rainy season damaging the temples of Prambanan. The mudflow has already destroyed several houses and structures and its path is projected to be close to, or near several ancient temples.

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photo credit: C_Baltrusch

Yogyakarta’s Temples in the Firing Line of Lahar Floods
Jakarta Globe, 18 January 2011

Volcanic mud threatens Prambanan Temple
Jakarta Post, 17 January 2011
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Prambanan threatened by mudflow from recent rains

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Recent heavy rains experienced in central Java may cause ash and rock to collect in the Opak River, which runs very near the Prambanan temples. Volcanic mudflow has already caused serious damage to buildings in localities around central Java, in some cases realigning the path of rivers and forcing mass evacuations.
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photo credit: C_Baltrusch

Mudflow Threatens Indonesia’s Candi Prambanan
Viva News, 11 January 2011
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Religious authorities to have a say in Indonesia's ancient temple management

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The Indonesian department of religious affairs will have a say over the management of its ancient temples such as the Hindu Prambanan and Buddhist Borobudur, which is currently managed by the Ministry of Tourism and Culture. The change is the result of a call by local Hindu and Buddhist leaders to recognise these temples, tourist sites in a predominantly Muslim country, as sacred spaces still used for pilgrimage by their local communities.

photo credit: hildo trazo

Religious Affairs Ministry to Help Manage Historic Temples

Jakarta Globe, 16 March 2010
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Cover up if you're planning to visit Borobudur and more

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Readers planning to visit the ancient temples of Java like Borobudur and Prambanan will soon have to observe a dress code, or at least not be clad in skimpy miniskirts. The management company overseeing the sites are enforcing a dress code so as to preserve a sense of respect on what are, after all, sacred sites. It’s nice to see such a sense of respect for Buddhist and Hindu temples in such a predominantly Muslim country.

photo credit: hildo trazo

More temples plan to ban mini skirts, shorts
Jakarta Post, 05 February 2010
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Wednesday Rojak #48

Because of all the holiday traveling (Christmas, New Year, and Chinese New Year) and fieldwork, it’s been nearly two months since the last time I posted a rojak. I’ve got quite a fair bit collected over the last few weeks, so without further ado, here are some of the interesting blogs and stories about archaeology and Southeast Asia, the first for the year.

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The Star's 10 most beautiful temples list


Malaysia’s Star takes us on a tour of the 10 most beautiful temples in the world – all notably Asian, and half of them from Southeast Asia.

photo credit: Master 心道

When faith takes form
The Star, 24 January 2009
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Wednesday Rojak #42

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It’s almost been a month since the last Wednesday Rojak, and that’s because I’ve been traveling quite heavily for the last three weeks because of the term break and some family matters. On the flip side, it also means that I’ve amassed a few stories for this week’s very belated edition of rojak! Beside visiting Borobudur and Angkor, we also have a closer look at some of the sites in the Philippines.

Fort San Pedro
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