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Mindanao caves need further study and money

The National Museum of Philippines has submitted an additional proposal for the study and protection of the recently discovered Sagel Cave. There’s much more work needed to be done on the cave and surrounding areas, but it looks like budgetary constraints will hamper much of the work – a common occurrence for archaeology in Southeast […]

Negritos or Malays: Who are the original inhabitants of the Philippines?

When I was younger, I remember reading in a Filipino children’s book that the Filipinos were made up of a migratory Malay population. I didn’t think much of it then until this article came up which challenges the notion of the indigenous Filipino.

Who are the indigenous? The Philippine Inquirer, 12 February 2008


Early Ilonggo-Bisaya identity

Henry F. Funtecha writes about the Ilonggo-Bisaya, one of the major linguistic groups in the Philippine archipelago, summarizing what is known about them from historical and archaeological sources.

Early Ilonggo-Bisaya identity The News Today, 04 January 2008


No cave treasure hunting without permit!

Treasure hunters beware! No more cave exploring in search of lost treasures without a permit, so says the Philippine Department of Environment and Natural Resources!

DENR requires treasure hunters to get permits The Philippine Inquirer, 19 December 2007


Jade analysis reveals ancient Southeast Asian network

20 November 2007 (ABC News in Science, Reuters) – A new study in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences reveals the existence of an extensive interaction network involving Taiwanese jade (nephrite) as far back as 5,000 years ago. The jade artefacts turn up in Taiwan, Vietnam, Thailand, Malaysia and the Philippines (where it […]

Archaeological Fieldwork in Cebu, Philippines

08 November 2007 (Philippine Inquirer) – Anyone interested in fieldwork in Cebu? The National Museum and the Committee on Sites, Relics and Structures of the Cebu Provincial Government is looking for volunteers for an investigation on a site in Bantayan Island in North Cebu from mid-November to early December. You’ll have to read all the […]

Could smuggled antiquities be on sale on eBay?

Could Philippine antiquities by sold off illegally on eBay? Very recently, the Greco Shipwreck Artifact Auction was a 2,500 lot auction consisting of various Asian antiquities supposedly found in the waters of Southeast Asia. The name behind the seller rings very familiar to one Philip Greco, who, if you search this site was mired in some controversy in 2005 when he got into some trouble with the Malaysian government over antiquities shipping. The article never establishes if the Greco in the eBay auction is the same Greco who got into trouble with Malaysia. SEAArch does not condone the selling of antiquities by treasure hunters. […]

Philippines and India: Politics and ancient history

It’s not so much and archaeological story as it is a political one. The Philippine president attempts to revive ancient “ties” with India by citing Indian cultural influence by way of Srivijaya and Majapahit. I find it quite funny that the basis for reviving ties is not so much because of any historic ties with India per se (whatever “India” was in the past), but by the fact that Indian “culture” was transmitted to the Philippines. Which doesn’t really say anything, does it? […]

Finding gold in Bantayan

With stories like these, one gets the impression that there is a lot of undiscovered archaeological potential in the Philippine islands that have yet to be surveyed, excavated and recovered. In this piece, the author writes about how archaeological material – prehispanic material culture as well as trade ceramics – have been recovered in the town of Bantayan, in Cebu. […]

Clues to Philippine prehistory

24 August 2007 (The Inquirer) – Columnist Ambeth Ocampo writes about the ceramics, commonly trade ceramics, found in Philippines and in Philippine waters.

Clues to Philippine prehistory by Ambeth Ocampo

MANILA, Philippines — At the start of each semester, when I meet a new class for the first time and go over the syllabus, […]