Rare Buddha statue unveiled at Ho Chi Minh City Museum

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In conjunction with the opening of the two permanent exhibitions on the Oc Eo and Champa cultures at the Vietnamese Museum of History at Ho Chi Minh City, a rare 8th century Buddha is unveiled and exhibited.

Rare $6 million Buddha statue on display in HCM City
Vietnam Net Bridge, 14 January 2010
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Oldest and largest four-handed Buddha statue recognised in Vietnam


The four-handed Buddha statue in the Linh Son Pagoda of the An Giang Province in Vietnam receives recognition for being the largest and oldest of its kind, dating to between the 2nd and 6th century. The statue was discovered almost a hundred years ago in Oc Eo. It looks like the statue has been painted on recently, as the paint would certainly have not lasted 14 centuries!

Oldest four-handed Buddha statue in Vietnam
Vietnam Net Bridge, 22 May 2009
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Farmer keeps collection of ancient statues

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A farmer in Vietnam is featured for his collection of ancient sculpture, about a hundred in total, many of which are said to be from the Oc Eo area in the Mekong River Delta. Oc Eo was a major port of the Funan kingdom, centred in South Vietnam from the 1st to the 7th century. While the farmer sounds like he’s doing his bit to preserve his heritage and history, I wonder if he’ll be open to scholars examining his collection. It sounds like many of the statues were recovered from uncontrolled excavations.

Hoarding history
The Voice of the Armed Forces and People, 14 March 2009
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Jewelries of ancient Vietnamese exhibited in HCM City

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12 October 2006 (Vietnam Net Bridge, also Thanh Nien Daily and Nhan Dan)

Vietnam Net Bridge, 12 Oct 2006

Jewelries of ancient Vietnamese exhibited in HCM City

An exhibition displaying 500 pieces of ancient Vietnamese women’s jewelry kicks off today at the Southern Women’s Museum in HCM City.

At the exhibition, numerous jewelry collections of Vietnamese people who lived during the time of the Phung Nguyen, Dong Son, Sa Huynh and Oc Eo cultures will be showcased. These collections consist of a large number of different kinds of jewelries such as stone ear rings, hairpins, bracelets, bronze mirrors and glass necklaces.

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