Bomb defused in My Son Sanctuary

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14 May 2007 (Nhan Dan) – Fortunately, it’s nothing like terrorism news, but rather an old -but dangerous- relic from the past.

Nhan Dan, 14 May 2007

500-kg bomb in world heritage site defused

The management board of the My Son Sanctuary in Quang Nam province said engineers had succeeded in defusing a 500-kilogramme bomb in the B tower area on May 11.

The bomb may have remained since the US army bombed the My Son Sanctuary in 1972.

Ancient pottery unearthed at My Son sanctuary

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11 April 2007 (Thanh Nien News) – Cham-style pottery is unearthed at the My Son sanctuary, a Hindu temple complex, one of which contains an inscription of an old Chinese character. This also marks the 300th post on this blog. Hooray!

Cham pottery

Ancient pottery unearthed at Vietnam World Heritage site

Italian and Vietnamese archeologists discovered Tuesday a red brick pottery piece thought to date back to the 18th century at a dig at Quang Nam province’s My Son Sanctuary. The archeologists, from Italy’s Lerici Foundation and Vietnamese Ministry of Culture and Information said the pottery surface was engraved with ancient Cham characters and an old Chinese character “Chen”. This is the third pottery piece that contains the “Chen” character found in My Son since 2005, along with over 2,000 ancient Cham objects including stone, glass and ceramics, among others.

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