Visualising Angkor: Envisaging a Living City

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A new sub-site in Google Arts and Culture, based on previous work by the team from Monash university, Visualising Angkor presents a series of images and video reconstructions of Angkor during its prime.

Visualising Angkor in Google Arts and Culture

Visualising Angkor in Google Arts and Culture

Source: Visualising Angkor: Part 1 – Envisaging a Living City  — Google Arts & Culture

Australia's raiders of the lost wat

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14 Aug 2007 (The Canberra Times) – Unsurprisingly, the Canberra Times focuses more on the Australian archaeologists who worked on this project, however the map was a collaborative effort between Australian, French and Cambodian archaeologists.

REVEALED: Australia’s raiders of the lost wat

Australian archaeologists using complex radar and satellite technology to map the medieval city of Angkor have discovered more than 70 new temples scattered across a vast area of farmland and forests in north-west Cambodia.

University of Sydney archaeologist Damian Evans said, “It’s huge. We’ve mapped a massive settlement stretching well beyond the main temples of the World Heritage tourist area in Siem Reap.

“We’ve found the city was roughly five times bigger than previously thought.”

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