Pulau Nangka: treasure supposed to be found today, but…?

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Source: The Star 20140429

I’ve reported about the Pulau Nangka story earlier (see here and here), and there doesn’t seem to be any sight of the supposed treasure thus far. This is because, there isn’t any!

Source: The Star 20140429

Source: The Star 20140429

Councillor: Tunnelling at site on Pulau Nangka has reached 90%
The Star, 29 April 2014

Presence of treasure on Nangka Island will be known this Wednesday
New Straits Times, 29 April 2014

Possible discovery of treasure on Nangka Island to be confirmed in two days
Malay Mail, 28 April 2014

Nangka Island ‘treasures’ to be known Wednesday
The Star, 28 May 2014

Malacca treasure no longer a myth
The Star, 24 May 2014
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Untangling myth and reality from Malaysia's history


Besides the “startling” news about the origins of the human race, another stir over the history of Malaysia was raised last week when eminent Malaysian historian Professor Khoo Kay Khim declared that some of the characters and stories in Malaysia’s national historical narrative were probably mythical or did not actually exist. Among those figures was the warrior Hang Tuah and the Chinese princess Hang Li Po.

Sculpture of Hang Tuah at the Malaysian National History Museum, wikicommons image

Sculpture of Hang Tuah at the Malaysian National History Museum, wikicommons image

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500th anniversary of the Fall of Malacca

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In 1511 the Portuguese led by Alfonso de Albequerque captured the city of Malacca, signalling the fall of the Malacca Sultanate and the first foothold of Europeans into Southeast Asia. This feature from The Star of Malaysia commemorates the capture of Malacca 500 years ago.

Porta de Santiago (Famosa) サンチャゴ砦
photo credit: ssr.ist4u

500 years on [Link no longer active]
The Star, 27 November 2011
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Portuguese-era artefacts looted from Malacca river

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500-year-old Portuguese-era artefacts have been illegally recovered from the Malacca River in Malaysia and sold, reportedly to antique dealers in Singapore.

Coins recovered from the Malacca River, The Star 20110921

Ancient treasure found – and sold
The Star, 21 September 2011

Malacca to act on theft of ancient treasure
The Star, 22 September 2011
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