466-year-old chapel to be restored

An ancient chapel built during the 16th century Portuguese colonial period in historic Malacca will finally be restored by the local authorities.

Source: The Star 20150325
Source: The Star 20150325

466-year-old chapel set to undergo restoration
The Star, 25 March 2015

Lent 2015 brought cheer to thousands of Catholics here with news that the ancient Rosary Chapel (Ermida de Rosario) will be restored, ending its days of neglect.

Malacca Museum Corporation (Perzim) has received the go-ahead from the management of St Peter’s Church of Malacca to start work on the 466-year-old building and the land it stands on in Jalan Bunga Raya Pantai along Malacca River.

“With the permission granted, work will begin very soon,” Perzim general manager Datuk Khamis Abas said yesterday.

Joseph Sta Maria, a representative of minority ethnic communities under the state Barisan Nasional’s social service unit (Pembela), said the announcement brought joy not only to Catholics in Malacca but also nationwide.

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Treasure hunters still keen on Pulau Nangka

Last year, treasure hunters were in a flurry over a supposed lost treasure at Pulau Nangka, an island off the state of Melaka in Malaysia. The last hunt was unsuccessful, but that has not deterred a renewed interest in finding the supposed lost treasure.

Salvage firm keen to resume treasure hunt
The Star, 16 February 2015

Like the enduring appeal of the 18th century tale Treasure Island, Pulau Nangka here continues to draw companies keen on finding ancient treasure that is reputedly buried in a cave on the island.

Treasure Heritage Sdn Bhd, a salvage firm, has shown interest in resuming the search for valuables in Pulau Nangka, an island 17km from the coast here.

A source said the company had requested an agreement with the state government on the matter.

It is believed that Treasure Heritage initially attempted to salvage the buried treasure about two decades ago.

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Pulau Nangka treasure hunt to continue

Earlier this year there was a treasure hunt in Pulau Nangka, Malacca, that was a wild goose chase. However, the chief minister of the state wants to commission a new hunt for treasure – where are the heritage authorities in all this?

Source: The Star 20141104
Source: The Star 20141104

Excavation of treasure in Pulau Nangka to continue
The Star, 04 November 2014
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Malacca mulls plans for an archaeology institute

Malacca’s chief minister announces plans to set up an archaeological institute to help with the conservation and restoration of artefacts.

Ali Rustam eyes archaeology institute for Malacca [Link no longer active]
Bernama, via The Malaysian Insider, 10 Sep 2012
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Shipwreck found off Malacca

An archaeologist has claimed the discovery of a Dutch shipwreck off Malacca – it appears that his discovery of the wrecks have been done without the permissions of the local museums department though.

Diver tells of sunken treasure in Malacca
The Star, 01 July 2012
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Shark curry dinner leads to 13th century medallion find

A shark curry dinner in Malaysia turns up an unexpected find – a Portuguese medallion that is thought to date to the 13th century!

Portuguese artefact from a shark. The Star, 20120222
Portuguese artefact from a shark. The Star, 20120222

Woman finds ancient artifact in baby shark
The Star, 22 February 2012
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The Portuguese in Southeast Asia

The Portuguese were one of the first European powers to enter Southeast Asia. In conjunction with a conference on Siamese relations with the west held in Ayutthaya this week, this story showcases the influence of the Portuguese in Southeast Asia.

Replica of Flor de la Mar in Malacca
Replica of Flor de la Mar in Malacca

Ships from the West
The Nation, 20 January 2012
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Untangling myth and reality from Malaysia's history

Besides the “startling” news about the origins of the human race, another stir over the history of Malaysia was raised last week when eminent Malaysian historian Professor Khoo Kay Khim declared that some of the characters and stories in Malaysia’s national historical narrative were probably mythical or did not actually exist. Among those figures was the warrior Hang Tuah and the Chinese princess Hang Li Po.

Sculpture of Hang Tuah at the Malaysian National History Museum, wikicommons image
Sculpture of Hang Tuah at the Malaysian National History Museum, wikicommons image

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500th anniversary of the Fall of Malacca

In 1511 the Portuguese led by Alfonso de Albequerque captured the city of Malacca, signalling the fall of the Malacca Sultanate and the first foothold of Europeans into Southeast Asia. This feature from The Star of Malaysia commemorates the capture of Malacca 500 years ago.

Porta de Santiago (Famosa) サンチャゴ砦
photo credit: ssr.ist4u

500 years on [Link no longer active]
The Star, 27 November 2011
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