Misteri Mata Panah dan Kerangka Manusia di Maros

via Mongo Bay, 09 June 2018: The archaeology of Makassar and the prehistoric Toalian culture. Article is in Bahasa.

  Maros point, begitu nama mata panah ini. Usia diperkirakan antara 7.000 hingga 3.500 tahun. Benda ini ditemukan di banyak tempat di kawasan karts Maros, termasuk di Leang Jarie. Bulan…

Source: Misteri Mata Panah dan Kerangka Manusia di Maros

Symposium: Macassan history and heritage

The Australian National University is hosting a symposium on the cross-cultural links between traders from Makassar in Sulawesi with northern Australia, including recent archaeological research.

Macassan history and heritage: Building understanding of journeys, encounters and influences
Institute for Professional Practice in Heritage & the Arts
The Australian National University
9-10 February 2012
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Ancient 'ruins' turn out to be a abandoned well

‘Ruins’ found in Makassar were determined to be a well used in the 1950s, with the earthenware found at the site thought to be fairly recent rather than ancient.

Findings in Somba Opu is not Ancient Artifact
Tempo Interaktif, 17 December 2010
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