The biggest Linga and Yoni in Southeast Asia?

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11 October 2007 (Saigon Times) – While I’ve featured stories about the Cat Tien archaeological site before (see here and here), this story carries pictures of the actual site, including one of the alleged largest linga and yoni in Southeast Asia. The linga and yoni are Hindu symbols respectively representing the male and female organs. The linga is particularly associated with the god Siva. Cat Tien is one of the more significant sites discovered in Vietnam in recent times.

Saigon Times, 11 Oct 2007

Seeing believed-to-be biggest Linga and Yoni in Southeast Asia
by Binh Nguyen

Archeologists believe the couple of Linga and Yoni, found in a group of archeological sites on the Dong Nai River in Lam Dong Province, to be the biggest of their kind in Vietnam, if not in Southeast Asia.

The linga measures 2.10 meters in height and 0.7 meters in diameter while the yoni’s side is 2.26 meters long. They are being kept temporarily in a hut on the border of Quang Ngai and Da Lay villages in the Central Highlands province.

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More Cat Tien artefacts

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28 August 2007 (Nhan Dan) – An update on the previous post about the Cat Tien site exhibition in Hanoi. This story contains pictures of some of the exhibits: a stone linga-yoni and a stone lintel. Only the linga is shown here. The exhibition seems to have extended its run from December to April next year – another excuse to hop on a cheap flight to Vietnam!

Cat Tien artefacts on show in Hanoi

An exhibition of artefacts from Cat Tien, Lam Dong central highlands province opened today in Hanoi’s Museum of History, showcasing over 300 items dating back to the 8th century B.C.

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Hindu artefacts unearthed in central Vietnam

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10 May 2007 (Thanh Nien News) – The first find of its kind, a stone linga and yoni have been found in central Vietnam. The Linga is associated with the Hindu god, Shiva and its symbolism includes the fountain of life and phallus. The Yoni symbolises the source of all existence and the female genitalia. Collectively, they represent unification of male and female. The Lingam-Yoni find in central Vietnam is not surprising considering the kingdom of Champa in the 9th century was Saivite, and Shiva-Linga were often the focus of worship in Saivite temples.

20070510 Thanh Nien NEws

Rare ancient object found in Vietnam central province

A stone statue of worship dating back to the ninth century was unearthed Thursday in Vietnam’s central province of Binh Thuan, with local authorities saying the find is the first of its kind in the area.

According to Nguyen Xuan Ly, director of the provincial museum, the statue is called Linga and Yoni – a divine worship object depicting the male sex and female genitalia united in a representation of the fountain of life.

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