The Punjulharjo ancient boat site

The Patriots, 03 June 2017: An article about the Punjulharjo ancient boat site, which was discovered in central Java in 2008. The author expresses hope that a similar boat which is thought to be in Malaysia’s Sungei Batu can be found. Article is in Bahasa Indonesia.

Source: Situs Perahu Kuno Punjulharjo, Gambaran Awal Kapal Kuno Sungai Batu | The Patriots

Locals supportive of Borobudur management change

A government plan to overhaul the management of Borobudur to revitalise the area is met with local support.

Java ~ Borobudur

Borobudur set for management overhaul
Jakarta Post, 1 Feb 2016

Borobudur Working Group head Priyono concurred, attributing the surge in the number of vendors in the area to the lack of assessment regarding the social and environmental impacts of the Borobudur tourist industry on the more than 75,000 people who live in 20 villages in the environs of the temple.

“We are hoping that the government’s new body will be able to better manage the temple in terms of both preservation and local empowerment,” Priyono said.

Indonesia, which has the world’s largest Muslim population, is also home to hundreds of ancient Hindu and Buddhist temples, most of them built between the fifth and 14th centuries, at the time of the arrival of the two religions in the country.

Borobudur, located some 40 kilometers northwest of Yogyakarta, is one of the world’s most famous temples, renowned for its gigantic size and sophisticated architecture. Built in the ninth century, the Mahayana Buddhist temple is 1.5 hectares in size and has a volume of 60,000 cubic meters.

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Google StreetView in Borobudur!

We have it with Angkor Wat, and now, Borobudur! Google Street View comes to Java’s amazing stupa and it’s a great way to visit (or re-visit) the reliefs on the temple.

Recording street view for Google. Source: Jakarta Post 20150929
Recording street view for Google. Source: Jakarta Post 20150929

A comprehensive trip to Borobudur from your couch
Jakarta Post, 29 September 2015

Giant search engine Google now makes it possible for globe travelers to experience the world’s wonders even before booking a tour package.

Launched on Sept. 27 across Google platforms — Google Maps, Street View and the Cultural Institute — users can access panoramic, 360-degree imagery of Borobudur Temple, which is listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site, from their mobile devices.

In partnership with the Culture and Education Ministry, Tourism Ministry and the agency managing the maintenance of the temple and other heritage sites in the vicinity — PT Taman Wisata Candi Borobudur, Prambanan dan Ratu Boko — Google released a number of virtual tours of the site, located in the Central Java town of Magelang, a one hour drive from Yogyakarta.

Google Indonesia’s head of public policy and government relations Shinto Nugroho explained that Borobudur Temple was chosen to mark the digitalization of Indonesia’s heritage sites because it met a number of criteria.

“Borobudur Temple is a heritage site with amazing architecture and it’s also a main tourist destination,” she said at a launch event held at the temple compound, in conjunction with Google’s 17th anniversary.

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Sinking Candi Sukuh closed for restoration

Candi Sukuh in Java is being closed while repairs are done to it to prevent the ancient temple from deteriorating further. The masonry of the temple has been falling apart in recent years, due to among other things, the effect of earthquakes.

Candi Sukuh, Java, Indonesia
Candi Sukuh, Java, Indonesia

Centuries-old Sukuh temple undergoing restoration work
Jakarta Post, 29 June 2015

The Central Java Cultural Heritage Preservation Center (BPCB) has begun restoring Sukuh temple in Karanganyar regency, Central Java, aiming to prevent existing structural damage in the centuries-old temple from worsening.

The pyramid-shaped temple, which was discovered in 1815, has sunk 20 centimeters on the northeastern side over the past few decades. Furthermore, stones are coming apart in extended areas of the southwestern side and on the stairs leading to the temple’s main building.

BPCB restoration working group chief Sudarno said the extensive damage had put the whole structure of the temple in danger.

“The current damage is the accumulation of damage [from previous years] and it’s dangerous. That’s why we’ve had to prioritize the restoration of the temple this year,” Sudarno said.

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Majapahit Village project ‘half-hearted’

Work on a planned Majapahit-style village in Trowulan yesterday has been described as half-hearted after recent government inspections to the project note a number of differences between the plans and the final product. The Majapahit Village project was meant to promote cultural and historical tourism around the Majapahit empire that was centred there.

Members of a parliamentary team inspecting the Majapahit Village. Source: Koran Sindo 20150416
Members of a parliamentary team inspecting the Majapahit Village. Source: Koran Sindo 20150416

Proyek Majapahit Setengah Hati, 16 April 2015

Proyek pembangunan Kampung Majapahit di Kecamatan Trowulan menjadi sorotan DPRD Mojokerto. Para wakil rakyat menilai Pemkab Mojokerto setengah hati mengerjakan proyek tersebut.

Penilaian itu muncul setelah sejumlah anggota Komisi C DPRD Kabupaten Mojokerto menggelar inspeksi mendadak di Desa Bejijong kemarin. Di lokasi proyek tersebut para wakil rakyat menjumpai bangunan khas Majapahit yang dibangun tidak sama antar satu dengan lain. Kondisi ini tentu berbeda dengan konsep awal ketika proyek itu pertama kali dicanangkan.

Saat itu Desa Bejijong dan sekitarnya diproyeksikan menjadi kawasan khas Majapahit dengan dicirikan bangunan rumah maupun tempat ibadah. Selain ada perbedaan dengan konsep awal, pertanggungjawaban proyek ini juga belum jelas.

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Hindu temple in Java to be restored

Candi Sukuh in Central Java, noted for the pyramid structure of the central building, is slated for conservation later this year.

Candi Sukuh. Source: Jakarta Globe 20150130
Candi Sukuh. Source: Jakarta Globe 20150130

Collapsing Pyramid at the Hindu Temple of Sukuh to Be Restored by 2016
Jakarta Globe, 30 January 2015

The Central Java Heritage Conservation Agency plans to restore the Hindu temple, known as Sukuh, this March as the earth beneath the temple’s foundation continues to shift.

Some parts of the exotic temple complex will remain open to tourists during the renovations, but not the main pyramid-shaped structure.

The agency estimates that the renovation will be completed in 2016.

Before work can start, however, the agency and a team of archeologists will remove some stones from the pyramid to study the best method to stop the main temple from further damage.

The pyramid is now bulging on one side and could threaten the integrity of the entire structure.

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Ratu Boko: the spot for taking photos of Prambanan

A feature on the temple of Ratu Boko, outside of Yogyakarta, that is favoured by photogaphers because it overlooks Prambanan and Mount Merapi.

Ratu Boko. Source: Jakarta Globe 20150114
Ratu Boko. Source: Jakarta Globe 20150114

Mysterious Ancient Palace Ratu Boko, the Perfect Spot to Catch Yogyakarta’s Sunset
Jakarta Globe, 14 January 2015
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Preserving heritage builds community

Grassroots efforts to help preserve, maintain and promote the archaeology of Trowulan and the Majapahit Empire has led to real benefits to the community, including economic activity.

Trowulan Source: 20141122
Trowulan Source: 20141122

Pelestarian Majapahit Tingkatkan Ekonomi Warga, 22 November 2014
Article is in Bahasa Indonesia
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Postage stamps for Borobudur’s 200th anniversary

Borobudur is not 200 years of course, but this year is the anniversary of its ‘discovery’ by Sir Thomas Stanford Raffles. The celebrate this bicentenary, postage stamps have been issued.

Borobudur. Source: 20141118
Borobudur. Source: 20141118

Candi Borobudur Genap Berusia 200 Tahun
Liputan, 18 November 2014
Article is in Bahasa Indonesia
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New Majapahit Museum in Trowulan to be built over artificial canals

The proposed Majapahit museum in East Java will feature artificial canals and waterways as architectural features.

Source: 20141031
Source: 20141031

Museum Majapahit Baru Dibangun di Atas Kanal, 31 October 2014
Article is in Bahasa Indonesia
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