New museum on the Intramuros of Manila

The museum of the Manila’s walled city, Intramuros, scheduled to open next year will hold US$35 million worth of antiques and artifacts. The museum will feature displays dating back to the 17th century.

tranvia grill
photo credit: yeheii

Intramuros museum to house P1.5b artifacts [Link no longer active]
Manila Standard Today, 20 August 2011
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Historic sites in Manila placed on risk list

Manila’s historic sites dating to the Spanish period have been labelled as most vulnerable by the Global Heritage Fund, owing to the government’s inaction over development and over-commercialisation.

Forward and Upward
photo credit: Kristoffer M.C.

Intramuros, Fort Santiago among ‘most vulnerable’ historic sites—intl group
GMA News, 29 October 2010
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Philippine pottery shard reveals early writing

A potsherd adds to another piece of the puzzle about early Philippine writing systems. Most writing systems in Southeast Asia were derived from India (with the exception of China in Vietnam), and the Philippines has remarkably few paleographic references, with the earliest dating to 900 AD.

Shard find in Intramuros shows early form of writing
Malaya, 22 September 2008
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