Historic city struggling to maintain charm

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10 Aug 2007 (Vietnam Net Bridge) – The city of Hue seeks to preserve its 100-year-old garden houses.

Imperial city struggles to retain gifts from the past

Hue city in central Thua Thien-Hue province is struggling to retain one of its lesser known but highly valuable cultural resources. The garden houses (nha vuon) that dot the city’s landscape have experts concerned that unless concrete steps are taken quickly to restore and preserve the unique structures they will be lost forever.

Over 100 years old, in disrepair and confronted with sky rocketing land prices many of their owners have been forced to demolish or sell the homes that have been in their families for generations.

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Collectors showcase Vietnamese antiquities in exhibition

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08 June 2007 (VietNam Net Bridge) – 20 collectors of Vietnamese antiquities showcase the best and oldest in an exhibition in Hue City for the Traditional Craft Festival. It is interesting to note that the aim of this exhibition is to provide inspiration for craft makers to produce antique-style souvenirs!

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Antiquarians to descend upon Hue

For the first time, hundreds of antiques made of materials ranging from wood to gold owned by 20 collectors nationwide will be exhibited at the 2007 Hue Traditional Craft Festival that starts today, June 8.

Other collectors will come to the festival with more than 30 antiques dating from the Nguyen Dynasty, Vietnam’s last dynasty. Thanh Hoa province will contribute the most to the festival with nearly 200 antiques, more than 100 of which date back to the Dong Son period.

According to the organisation committee, of the collectors to participate in the upcoming festival, only collector Hoang Van Thong from Thanh Hoa has established his own private antique museum. Others have exhibited their collections at many places, but this will be their first participation in a bronze, wooden and gold antique exhibition in a festival.

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Vietnamese Ceramics: A Separate Tradition by J. Stevensen, J. Guy and L. A. Cort

2,500 year-old jars unearthed

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30 September 2006 (Viet Nam News) – This is another set of 2,500-year-old burial jars, this time found at Hue City.

2,500 year-old jars unearthed

HUE CITY — Archaeologists have just finished their three-week excavation to unearth 30 jar tombs from a resident’s garden in Hue City.

The ground is owned by Nguyen Cong Man, who discovered the objects while digging up dirt to plant trees one month ago. He informed city authorities who permitted the excavation project in Phu O Village, Huong Chu Commune of the city’s Huong Tra District.