Cambodia not amused by replica Angkor Wat plans

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As expected, the official reaction to the Bihar Mahavir Mandir Trust’s plan to build a replica Angkor Wat in Bihar that was same-same, but bigger was not positive. The Cambodian government has called it “a shameful act”.

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India's Angkor Wat replica


Judging from the number of mentions in the media, this has been the biggest trending story for Southeast Asian Arrchaeology this week. India announced that they would be building a replica of Angkor Wat at Bihar, which would be the taller than the original in Cambodia and the tallest Hindu temple in the world after it is completed in 10 years time. The new temple will be called Virat Angkor Wat Ram temple. I’m not sure what the Cambodian reaction is to this, but reading some Cambodian forums I get the sense some of discomfort from replicating Angkor Wat because it is a national icon. What do you think? Is building a replica of Angkor Wat a good idea? Would it be a good tourist draw? Would it draw tourists away from the original Angkor Wat? (which may not be such a bad thing…)

Angkor Wat

Angkor Wat

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