How accessible are heritage sites to locals?

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It’s a sad irony when even the locals cannot afford the entrance fee to their own heritage sites – but that said, sites like these require revenue to maintain them and so it seems necessary to charge a fee. This story got me thinking about other sites in Southeast Asia that require fees to enter – A day-pass at Angkor is probably the most expensive, at USD20; at Borobudur the price for foreigners is USD10 and in Thailand entry to various sites cost between USD2-6. The entry to Hue is comparable at USD3 for foreigners. I don’t have a problem paying higher fees than locals, but I do wonder sometimes at these sites if the revenue goes to the maintenance of the site or to some higher-up’s pocket.

Hue Citadel visit is beyond means of many Vietnamese
Vietnam Net Bridge, 22 July 2009
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