Calls for better legislation to protect Indonesia's sunken treasures

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Indonesia faces increased calls for better legislation to monitor and protect underwater treasures found in its waters, in the wake of the recent auction attempt of the Cirebon shipwreck treasures.

Indonesia Criticized for Murky Rules on Sunken Treasures
Jakarta Globe, 14 May 2010
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Indonesia plans maritime museum for sunken treasures

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In what seems to be a reaction to last week’s failed auction of the Cirebon shipwreck, Indonesia has announced plans to build a Maritime Museum to house and showcase artefacts that are retrieved from sunken wrecks in the future.

Indonesia To Build Maritime Museum
Bernama, 10 May 2010
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Indonesia's seas rich in shipwrecks, poor in protection

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Sparked by the recent (failed) auction of artefacts from the Cirebon Shipwreck worth US$80 million, this editorial in the Jakarta Post discusses how much more protection is needed from the sunken treasures in Indonesian waters, such as the ratification of the 2001 UNESCO Convention on the Protection of Underwater Cultural Heritage.

Editorial: Hidden treasures
Jakarta Post, 08 May 2010
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Wednesday Rojak #13

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No, I haven’t forgotten about our weekly salad mix of Southeast Asia – it’s just been a quiet two weeks with only these two stories to offer:

  • Greg Laden, blogging about peer-reviewed research, posts something on the recent PNAS article about Taiwanese nephrite (jade) showing up all over ancient Southeast Asia. Check out the map to get an idea of the distribution.
  • Kunta Yuni reflects on the recent furore over Malaysia stealing Indonesia’s cultural heritage by transposing the argument to food.

In this series of weekly rojaks (published on Wednesdays) I’ll feature other sites in the blogosphere that are of related to archaeology in Southeast Asia. Got a recommendation for the next Wednesday rojak? Email me!

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