Malacca to host Zheng He seminar in July

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A seminar of Admiral Zheng He’s (Cheng Ho) voyages to Malacca and beyond will be held in the Malaysian state of Malacca in July. The seminar is organised by the Melaka Museums Corporation, the Malaysian Museums Department, the Malaysian Museums Department, the International Zheng He Society and the Cheng Ho Cultural Museum.

Admiral Zheng He
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Seminar To Mark Cheng Ho’s Voyage To Melaka
Bernama, 11 May 2010
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Chinese archaeologists to search for Cheng Ho's fleet in Africa

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Agencies in China and Kenya penned an agreement last month to investigate the cultural links between China and Kenya in Kenya’s Lamu Archpelago, which include an exploration of sunken ships from Admiral Cheng Ho’s (Zheng He) treasure fleet.

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Chinese experts to explore sunken ships from Cheng Ho’s fleet in Africa
People’s Daily Online, 24 February 2010
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Coming soon to a cinema near you: Cheng Ho the movie!

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15 August 2007 (Antara, Bernama) – An epic TV series based on the life of the Chinese Admiral Cheng Ho (Zheng He), starring no less than two former Indonesian ministers! Yes, that’s the gist of the two headlines about the Cheng Ho seried currently being filmed in Bangkok. The series is a joint production between six ASEAN nations and the two ministers involved play the lead of Cheng Ho as well as an unnamed Majapahit king. Cheng Ho is somewhat of an ancient celebrity in Southeast Asia, a Muslim eunuch who commanded “treasure fleets” and travelled as far as East Africa in search of new territories and tributes. One report says that the drama is intended to reveal how Cheng Ho helped to bring Islam to Indonesia – I’m not sure how big a role Cheng Ho actually played as I am given to believe that the spread of Islam in the region was more of a result of the influence of Arab traders and sufis operating in the region.

Ex-minister plays Admiral Cheng Ho in ASEAN film

Prof. Yusril Ihza Mahendra, former minister/state secretary, is currently in Bangkok for shooting a drama colossal film on Admiral Cheng Ho.

Yusril played the role as Admiral Cheng Ho in the film jointly produced by six member countries of ASEAN (Association of South East Asian Nations).

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1421 Exposed

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1421 is the Gavin Menzies book published in 2002 alleging that the Chinese* discovered America earlier than Columbus – and in fact circled round the globe. I’ve read it, and it paints an interesting argument but without hard evidence to back it up, it really is just a load of rubbish. The book and its allegations have been getting a lot of airtime in mainstream media and Menzie’s roadshows (including one in Singapore) and some academics, led by Geoff Wade at the National University of Singapore have been campaigning to set the record straight. More importantly, they’ve been lobbying authorities and publishers to get the book out of the History section and place it in Fiction. Check out their website to see their blow-by-blow refutations of the book.

* The Chinese, led by Admiral Zheng He[/tag], who has been documented as having travelled through Southeast Asia, including Dan-Ma-Hsi (Temasek, or Singapore) and Melaka, and as far as Persia.