Oldest and largest four-handed Buddha statue recognised in Vietnam

The four-handed Buddha statue in the Linh Son Pagoda of the An Giang Province in Vietnam receives recognition for being the largest and oldest of its kind, dating to between the 2nd and 6th century. The statue was discovered almost a hundred years ago in Oc Eo. It looks like the statue has been painted on recently, as the paint would certainly have not lasted 14 centuries!

Oldest four-handed Buddha statue in Vietnam
Vietnam Net Bridge, 22 May 2009
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Historical relics found in Sleman

19 January 2007 (Jakarta Post)

Historical relics found in Sleman

Historical relics were discovered Thursday in Palgading hamlet in Sinduharjo village, Sleman regency, by a resident.

The relics, which included a Buddha statue, were found by Muqorobin while he was digging. The findings were taken to Yogyakarta’s archaeological agency office.

“I was digging a hole for a septic tank in my backyard when I hit a hard object that I thought was ordinary stone,” Muqorobin said. “When I saw the statues I thought they must be of historical importance as many relics have previously been found in Palgading.”

Archaeological agency official Manggar Sariayuwati said it was estimated the relics dated back to an 8th or 9th century Buddhist kingdom.

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