Banteay Chmar starting to see tourists again

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A feature on the massive temple of Banteay Chmar in Banteay Meanchay province, not far from the Thai-Cambodian border. The site is starting to see visitors again, but it’s sculptures have been looted – including a pair that’s said to be in the garden of a Thai politician!

Another Great Cambodian Temple Stirs To Life
AP, via the Huffington Post, 03 Jan 2012
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Mid-December archaeology linkdump

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It’s mid-December already, and I haven’t posted any news so far on account of being in Hanoi for the first couple of weeks, and then falling majorly sick after returning. So rather than trying to catch up with three week’s worth of archaeology news from Southeast Asia, here’s all of them in one brilliant link dump, sorted by date (most recent ones first) and country.

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Cambodia submits Banteay Chmar for World Heritage listing

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The 12th century temple of Banteay Chmar is the next temple to be proposed as a World Heritage Site, although experts say that the final listing will not be for another few years. The temple was recently restored, and Alison has some great photos of the site here.

Cambodia to register 12th century temple as World Heritage Site
Xinhua, 09 August 2009

Experts say World Heritage listing for Banteay Chmar will take years
Phnom Penh Post, 11 August 2009
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The restoration of Banteay Chmar

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The New York Times features the restoration work going on at Banteay Chmar, some four hours away from Siem Reap. This temple was built by Jayavarman VII whose architectural credits also include Angkor Thom. Owing to the site’s proximity to the Thai border, many of the wall reliefs have been looted, although some of the stolen artefacts have been recovered. The restoration is being undertaken by the Global Heritage Fund. The article doesn’t carry much by way of images, so I should direct you to Alison’s post on the site where you can see some famous wall reliefs.

Coaxing a Khmer Temple From the Jungle’s Embrace
The New York Times, 03 June 2009
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Wednesday Rojak #50: The Cambodian Dinosaur edition


Rojak turns 50! Not that it has been 50 weeks since I first started this since I’ve missed quite a few weeks due to travels or sheer forgetfulness -it’s more like one and a half years. This week, we feature quite a few stories from Southeast Asia like the Cambodian dinosaur found on the walls of Ta Prohm (first featured in an earlier rojak) as well as several related to the 200th anniversary of Darwin’s birthday.

aizu evolution
photo credit: neys

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