Protests take toll on visitors to museums in Bangkok

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Most of you would be familiar with the protests going on in Bangkok, which have recently claimed lives due to clashes between the protesters and the authorities. The Fine Arts Department also report that museum visitorships have suffered greatly because of the protests, as the majority of the museums in Bangkok are located near the protest areas, and in some cases protesters have mistakenly stormed the museums!

Museums count conflict cost
Bangkok Post, 10 April 2010
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Thai Srivijaya to be a World Heritage Site?


May thanks to Andy for the heads up. The Thai Fine Arts Department is hoping to propose three new sites in Thailand: Lanna, a section of the Chao Phraya river in Bangkok and the Srivijaya ruins in Southern Thailand.

Slanted Roof
photo credit: The Wandering Angel

Anusorn pushes for listing of Thai sites
Bangkok Post, 17 June 2008
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Thai medicinal inscriptions included in UNESCO Programme

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The Thai Ayutthaya-period temple of Wat Pho in Bangkok is to be included in next year’s UNESCO Memory of the World programme (Note – not the World Heritage programme). Wat Pho is particularly famous for its gigantic statue of the reclining Buddha – but that’s not really the reason why it’s being included in the list.

photo credit: cheikhyass

Wat Pho included in Unesco programme
Bangkok Post, 18 March 2008

Wat Pho marble inscriptions given historic listing by Unesco
Bangkok Post, 19 March 2008
Note: Full text is up on the Bangkok Post for one day only
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Possible 19th-century fortress uncovered in Bangkok

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29 October 2007 (The Nation Multimedia, Bangkok Post) – What is thought to be a fortress built during the reign of King Rama IV (1808-1868) was unearthed during the construction of a government office in Bangkok.

Fortress built in King Rama IV era unearthed

The Khlong San District Office in Bangkok has already suspended the construction of its new building because the planned site now revealed a part of what was believed to be a historically-valuable fortress built in the reign of King Rama IV.

The planned site was located next to the Pongpajjamit Fort, which has been registered as a national historical site since 1949.

“That registration has not covered areas surrounding the fort,” Tharapong Srisuchart, who heads Fine Arts Department’s Office of Archaeology, said Monday.

He joined Bangkok Governor Apirak Kosayodhin and Culture Ministry permanent secretary Vira Rojpojchanarat during an inspection at the planned site for the new building of the Khlong San District Office Monday.

While the land on the planned site was being cleared, 98 ancient logs were found.

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