The Bakan reopens

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If you’ve visited Angkor Wat the last couple of years, you might have been disappointed in being unable to climb into the top terrace of Cambodia’s iconic temple. Now there’s a reason to go back to Angkor – the authorities have reopened the top tier (the Bakan) after the completion of restoration works, but with some health and time restrictions. I managed to climb up to the top tier when I was there a few years ago and I must say the stairs are s-t-e-e-p! You literally had to climb (as in hugging the steps) up and down the staircase and the guide said that at least one tourist had died falling off it. I wonder if the restoration works have incorporated improved access up the steps.

Steps up to the Bakan, Angkor Wat

Angkor’s top tier reopens

Phnom Penh Post, 15 January 2010
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