Buddha statue ‘sweats’ holy water

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Buddha image of Wat Toom in Ayutthaya, said to ‘sweat’ holy water. Source: Bangkok Post, 20190401

via Bangkok Post, 01 Apr 2019: One of the sources of sacred waters being gathered for the coronation of the Thai king in May (see here and here). This source is rather unusual, from inside a Buddha statue in Ayutthaya and is considered the ‘sweat’ of the Buddha.

Wat Toom, a local temple in Ayutthaya province, is famous for its ancient Buddha statue, which believers claim to be a source of mysterious holy water.

The temple has recently attracted many visitors as it will be one of the sacred water sources for use in the coronation rites for His Majesty the King next month.

Wat Toom is situated in Phra Nakhon Si Ayutthaya district, an ancient town which was a former capital of Thailand until three hundred years ago.

The temple has long been famous among residents who come to worship the bronze Luang Phor Thongsuk Samrit statue.

The upper part of the head of the statue can be opened and taken off, revealing a hollow space on the inside where monks claim sacred water mysteriously drips from.

According to Wichai Sa-nguanpath, a temple attendant, the water leaks out “as if it were drops of sweat”.

Source: Buddha statue ‘sweats’ holy water | Bangkok Post: news

Ayutthaya World Heritage celebration scheduled during 7-16 December

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via Pattaya Mail, 01 December 2018:

Ayutthaya – The Tourism Authority of Thailand (TAT) plans to celebrate Ayutthaya World Heritage from 7-16 December 2018 at the Ayutthaya historical park. Deputy TAT Governor for Domestic Marketing Noppadon Pakprot said the agency has joined hands with Ayutthaya province, government agencies, and private companies to organize the event, which will be held for the […]

Source: Ayutthaya World Heritage celebration scheduled during 7-16 December – Pattaya Mail

[Lecture] The Protuket: the Thai-Portuguese Catholic Community, From Ayutthaya to Bangkok

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Readers in Bangkok may be interested in this talk at the Siam Society on 30 August at 7.30 pm

The Protuket: the Thai-Portuguese Catholic Community, From Ayutthaya to Bangkok. A Talk by Miguel Castelo-Branco

The Portuguese are acknowledged as pioneers of Western relations with the Kingdom of Siam, dating back to the early years of the 16th century. The diplomatic alliance began in 1511, when Portugal sent a delegation to Siam during the reign of Rama Thibodi II, who ruled as King of Ayutthaya from 1491 to 1529. The Treaty of Friendship and Commerce, signed in 1518, is taken as the auspicious beginning for this alliance, which this year has been marked by numerous celebrations in both countries, attesting to 500 years of enduring friendship.

After the 1767 sacking of Ayutthaya, King Rama II (of the Rattanakosin period), facilitated the setting up of the first Portuguese consulate by granting land on the side of the Chao Phraya River. Over the centuries, relations between the two countries have grown in strength, particularly after King Chulalongkorn’s first visit to Portugal as part of his 1897 European tour.

Crucially, as well as allowing Portugal to set up a trading post in Ayutthaya, the 1518 Treaty also guaranteed religious freedom for the sizeable Portuguese community. Numerous Catholic churches in Bangkok attest to the legacy of Portuguese-Siamese relations and to the well-integrated nature of Portuguese descendants into Thai society.

Tonight’s lecture aims to offer a general understanding of what was, for over 300 years, a strategically fundamental group in balancing between Ayutthaya, Bangkok and the Western World.

More information here.

Ayutthaya Tuk Tuk Rally to promote tourism

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va The Nation, 02 August 2018: Sounds like a fun thing to do – zooming across the Ayutthaya World Heritage site in a tuk tuk while solving puzzles in Thai Traditional Dress.

The Ayutthaya provincial administration is holding a tuk tuk rally on August 18 and 19 to promote tourism to the historical site.

Source: Tourism on three wheels – The Nation

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Historic elephant palace in Ayutthaya to get Bt30 million makeover

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via The Nation, 06 May 2018:

The Fine Arts Department will spend Bt30 million on improving the Ayutthaya Elephant Palace & Royal Kraal. Sacred and rare rituals will be carried out at the facility on Monday to mark the start of conservation efforts.

Source: Historic elephant palace in Ayutthaya to get Bt30 million makeover – The Nation

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Preserving history

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via Bangkok Post, 30 April 2018:

Ruins and ancient sites are always under threat from time and disaster. The great flood of 2011, for instance, damaged 128 archeological sites on and around the city island of Ayutthaya. After the incident, the government provided a budget of 600 million baht for the clean-up and restoration work, and there was also financial and technical aid from Unesco, as well as certain foreign countries.

Source: Preserving history

Superstition helps protect heritage, says park director

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via Bangkok Post, 26 April 2018:

AYUTTHAYA: The return of an ancient brick souvenired from the famous Wat Chaiwatthanaram in Ayutthaya Historical Park is proof that superstitious belief helps protect the old temple, according to park director Sukanya Baonerd.

Source: Superstition helps protect heritage, says park director

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