Ayutthaya ruins to be promoted as night-time tourist destination

via NNT/Pattaya Times, 03 July 2017:

BANGKOK – The city of Ayutthaya has planned a special budget to install a lighting system at all its major ancient sites to attract tourists to visit at night. Director of the Ayutthaya Historical Park, Sukanya Baonert, has disclosed that a budget of more than 300 million baht has been allocated to make Thailand’s ancient […]

Source: Ayutthaya ruins to be promoted as night-time tourist destination – Pattaya Mail

Trip to Ayutthaya, Thailand, recalls glory days of old Siam – CNN.com | CNN Travel

via CNN, 27 June 2017: A travel story on the ancient city of Ayutthaya, a day trip from Bangkok. Disclosure – I’m quoted in the article.

Ayutthaya has long been a popular Bangkok day-trip destination. But a recent influx of cool dining and sleeping options is tempting many to stay for the night.

Source: Trip to Ayutthaya, Thailand, recalls glory days of old Siam – CNN.com | CNN Travel

Wanted: Ayutthaya tour guide who encouraged bad behaviour

Daily News (Thai), 9 May 2017: A formal complaint was leveled against the Ayutthaya tour guide who led a group of Chinese tourists over the wall of Wat Si Sanpetch (thus bypassing the ticket booths); the police is now looking to prosecute the man.

ผอ.ททท.เมืองกรุงเก่าขอประณามไกด์ทัวร์จีนไร้สำนึก! พานักท่องเที่ยวปีนกำแพงโบราณสถาน ชี้ทำภาพลักษณ์เสียหายหนัก ด้านตำรวจท่องเที่ยวลุยเอาผิด จ่อประสานให้พักใช้ใบอนุญาต

Source: ผอ.ททท.ประณามไกด์ทัวร์จีน ลุยเอาผิด-จ่อพักใบอนุญาต

Ayutthaya guide facing charges for leading bad tourist behaviour

Bangkok Post, 09 May 2017: The police are looking to charge a tour guide who led a group of 20 tourists to climb the wall of Wat Phra Si Sanpet, so that they would not have to pay the entry fee.

AYUTTHAYA – A guide who set a bad example for Chinese tourists visiting the historic site by climbing a wall has been urged to meet police to hear charges.

Source: Guide climbing Ayutthaya park wall with tourists face charges | Bangkok Post: news

Ayutthaya’s World Heritage status will be kept: ministry 

Nation, 08 May 2017: Thailand expresses confidence that Ayutthaya will not lose its World Heritage Site status.

The Culture Ministry is confident about its bid to protect the World Heritage status of Ayutthaya.

Source: Ayutthaya’s World Heritage status will be kept: ministry 

Ancient jars found at Ayutthaya’s Wat Daeng

Bangkok Post, 30 April 2017: An array of jars were discovered underneath a Buddha image in Ayutthaya, which are thought to be part of a construction technique rather than a relic offering.

AYUTTHAYA – Thirty-two ancient jars have been found underneath the main Buddha image in the chapel of Wat Daeng temple in Tha Rua district during an excavation by archaeologists for the renovation of the temple.

Source: Ancient jars found at Ayutthaya’s Wat Daeng | Bangkok Post: news

Feature on the stone conservation at Ayutthaya

Bangkok Post, 25 April 2017. The German Wat Ratchaburana Safeguarding Project (GRASP), that recently concluded its five-year project.

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Two pagodas of Wat Ratchaburana in central Ayutthaya are almost 600 years old, but their beauty is still visible due to conservation efforts. The remaining stucco and plaster at both stupas (prang and mondop), the Buddha statues at the Prang, the floral decoration at the east face of the prayer hall and the stucco at a small pagoda — they have been preserved partly as a result of a German conservation project in close co-operation with the Ayutthaya Historical Park and Unesco Bangkok.

Source: ‘Stone doctors’ operate in Thailand | Bangkok Post: lifestyle

New book looks at Ayutthaya from its economy

Bangkok Post, 16 April 2017: Silpaokorn University’s Prof Warangkana Nibhatsukit’s new book, “Ayutthaya History: Questions and Answers”. The book is in Thai.

Most people think of the Ayutthaya period in terms of its cultural heritage, but Warangkana Nibhatsukit’s latest book highlights the economic aspect of the ancient capital.

Source: The truth about Ayutthaya | Bangkok Post: news

Conserving the Old Capital

Bangkok Post, 13 April 2017

Tucked away between two rivers and only 76km north of Bangkok, Ayutthaya remains a popular destination for Thai and foreign tourists to learn about the history, art and culture of Thailand. Nonetheless, frequent visitors may want a new theme to explore Ayutthaya. The best yet lesser-known icon is the late Phraya Boran Ratchathanin, a pioneer of the conservation of Ayutthaya.

Source: Conserving the Old Capital | Bangkok Post: travel

Weekend festival for Ayutthaya anniversaries

To celebrate the 666th anniversary of Ayutthaya Kingdom, an old capital of Thailand, and the 25th anniversary of Ayutthaya as a Unesco World Heritage Site, numerous activities under the theme of “Development In Accordance With The Footsteps Of Phraya Boran Ratchathanin” will be held by the Fine Arts Department and several public and private agencies at the Chantharakasem National Museum in Ayutthaya until Sunday.

Source: Remembering Ayutthaya | Bangkok Post: lifestyle