MoU promotes cross-border trips between Angkor and Sukhothai

via Bangkok Post, 15 June 2018:

Thailand’s Designated Areas for Sustainable Tourism Administration (Dasta) yesterday signed a memorandum of understanding (MoU) with Cambodia’s Apsara Authority to exchange knowledge and expertise about community-based tourism and World Heritage Site management.

Source: MoU promotes cross-border trips

Armed Military Police to Join Apsara Authority for Razing

via Cambodia Daily, 03 August 2017: Following on this news because it deals with the heritage laws around the Angkor Park. Armed forces will be helping the APSARA Authority during their exercise of razing illegal structures in the park area, following threats from local villagers. APSARA has been for the last few months warned about the impending demolition of illegal structures and have given a deadline that expires this week.

Following threats from villagers, armed military and police forces will help secure a team that will forcibly raze hundreds of improperly constructed homes and shops within protected areas of Angkor Archaeological Park, an official said on Wednesday.

Apsara Authority, the government entity charged with overseeing the park, on Tuesday announced an August 10 deadline for the removal of illegal structures.

Source: Armed Military Police to Join Apsara Authority for Razing – The Cambodia Daily

Apsara Authority grants home building permits

via Khmer Times, 20 July 2017: The APSARA Authority released a report detailing the construction permits issued within the Angkor Archaeological Park issued this year, probably in response to its impending decision to demolish some 500-illegally built structures.

Apsara Authority grants home building permits

The Apsara Authority granted permission to more than 320 minor projects to build or renovate homes within the Angkor archaeological park in the first half of 2017, according to a report released yesterday.

Source: Apsara Authority grants home building permits – Khmer Times

Apsara, government discuss demolition of homes

Phnome Penh Post, 03 July 2017: Commission set up between APSARA and province officials to tackle the problem of illegal construction in the Angkor Archaeological Park area.

Hundreds of people could have their homes demolished by security forces in order to preserve Angkorian heritage following a meeting between the Apsara Authority and the Siem Reap provincial government on Friday.

Source: Apsara, government discuss demolition of homes, National, Phnom Penh Post

Minister to address claims of land grabs in Angkor Archaeological Park

Phnom Penh Post, 1 May 2017: Cambodia’s Minister of Culture will address accusations that some officials of the APSARA Authority, recently placed under the auspices of the ministry, was involved in extortion and other improper behaviour.

Minister to address claims of land grabs in Angkor Archaeological Park

Source: Minister to address claims of land grabs in Angkor Archaeological Park, National, Phnom Penh Post

RIP: Sok An, Deputy PM of Cambodia and President of the APSARA Authority

H.E. Sok An, Deputy PM of Cambodia and President of the APSARA Authority passed away last night in Beijing. He had a number of responsibilities during his career, most notably serving as the president of the Apsara National Authority.

Sok An, AP Photo
Sok An, AP Photo

Deputy Prime Minister Sok An passed away earlier this evening in China after a long illness, Council of Ministers spokesman Phay Siphan confirmed late yesterday. He was 66.

Sok An – who was granted the prestigious title Samdech Vibol Panha just days before his death – was also minister to the Council of Ministers and a member of the permanent committee of the Cambodian People’s Party.

Among the most high-profile of those positions were roles with the Cambodian National Petroleum Authority and the Apsara Authority, which oversees the Angkor temples as well as a key role in negotiating the establishment of the Khmer Rouge tribunal.

Breaking: Deputy PM Sok An dies at 66

Deputy Prime Minister Sok An Dies at 66

Cambodia’s Deputy PM Sok An dies aged 66, government spokesman says

Sok An, right-hand man of Cambodia’s Hun Sen, dies at 66

Sok An passes away in Beijing

Chinese Angkor Wat Project catches the Apsara Authority unawares

A Chinese company announced plans to build a $21 million cultural park in Angkor, but the Apsara Authority announced that they have not been informed of such a venture.

A Chinese investment company is planning to build a $21.8 million cultural park near Angkor Wat, according to a report in Chinese media, although the authority responsible for the world heritage site said on Sunday it had not been approached about the project.

Source: Apsara Authority Unaware of Chinese Angkor Wat Project – The Cambodia Daily

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Angkor ticketing changes: Fares unchanged, money trails to be transparent

Cambodian government officials have said that the de-privatisation of the ticket sales to Angkor will not affect the price of tickets, and the money will more directly benefit the local economy.

Angkor Wat, TTR Weekly 20151116
Angkor Wat, TTR Weekly 20151116

Ticket sales will benefit Angkor
TTR Weekly, 16 November 2015

Cambodia’s Ministry of Tourism and Ministry of Economy and Finance says returning Angkor Wat ticket collection to the government will benefit the local economy.

Khmer Times quoted economy and finance minister, Aun Porn Moniroth, saying the ministry would work with the Ministry of Tourism to establish a public administration institution to manage revenue generated by ticket sales at Angkor temples.

“We will create a public institution under the Ministry of Tourism and the Ministry of Economy and Finance to manage income from Angkor Wat…we are now working on the procedures and a law to create this institution.”

He added: The income will go to the government to cover expense needed to maintain Angkor Wat and the rest will be used for national projects. We will ensure that revenue management is transparent.”

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Angkor ticket sales: APSARA Authority called to National Assembly

Allegations of accounting irregularities still persist, and the APSARA Authority will be called to answer questions at the National Assembly of Cambodia next month.

Apsara summoned to account for ticket sales
Phnom Penh Post, 03 February 2015

The Apsara Authority will be summoned to the National Assembly next month to defend its stance in an embittered spat over revenue collected from ticket sales at Angkor Archaeological Park, according to opposition party lawmakers.

Apsara, which manages the historical site of Angkorian temples, will be asked to answer for alleged irregularities and an underreporting of ticket sales, said Ho Vann, chairman of the assembly’s Anti-Corruption Commission.

Van added that if the authority overseeing Cambodia’s largest tourist draw will not come to the capital to account for its for-profit revenue-sharing deal with Sokimex, then he will lead the 10-member commission to Siem Reap.

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