RIP Dato Adi Taha


This sad news is a little late – I learnt from the EurASEAA 14 Facebook page that Dato’ Adi Taha passed away earlier this month:

Please see this sad message from Peter Bellwood:

I have just been informed by Adi Taha’s eldest daughter Adrina, that Adi died on 4th February, after battling prostate cancer since 2005. Adi was formerly the Director-General of Museums and Antiquities in Muzium Negara (National Museum), Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. He also served as President of the Indo-Pacific Prehistory Association from 2000-2004. He completed his MA in the School of Archaeology and Anthropology at ANU in 1981, on his excavations in the Hoabinhian to Neolithic rock-shelter of Gua Cha in Kelantan. His PhD (2000) was on his further excavations in the two rock-shelters of Gua Peraling and Gua Bukit Chawas, also in Kelantan (Nenggiri River).

Adi was a valued colleague, and many will remember him from past IPPA congresses, not least the one held in Melaka in 1998, which he and I organized. He emailed me just before last Christmas from hospital, asking for articles to read on Southeast Asian prehistory. I am not sure if he had time to read them.

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Terengganu Scripted Stone Exhibited In Jakarta

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15 December 2006 (Bernama) – Just in case you’e not familiar with the geography, Terengganu is a state in (peninsular) Malaysia, and Jakarta is the capital of Indonesia.

Terengganu Scripted Stone Exhibited In Jakarta

The Terengganu Scripted Stone 1903, the artefact that shows the advent of Islam to the Peninsula, is one of the archeological artefacts which will be exhibited during the Titian Budaya Malaysia-Indonesia exhibition from Dec 16 to 18 here.

Museum Department Director-General Datuk Dr Adi Taha said, the scripted stone would be exhibited at a special exhibition organised by the department at the main lobby of the Jakarta Convention Centre (JCC) in conjunction with the Titian Budaya programme there.

“We shall also exhibit the Avalokiteswara Buddha (the Buddha with eight arms) and the Aceh Tombstone, he told Bernama at the programme’s Secretariat office here.