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Conference: Remote Access to World Heritage Sites

With virtual tours and 3D scanning becoming more and more viable, the idea of turning these technologies for remote access becomes increasingly compelling. Certainly for World Heritage Sites in danger and/or dispute, virtual tours may be one way for visitors to enjoy sites without leaving a physical mark – Borobudur, Angkor Wat and Preah Vihear […]

New edition of BIPPA out

The latest Bulletin of the Indo-Pacific Prehistoric Association (BIPPA) has just been released online, featuring a number of papers that were presenting in Hanoi in 2009.

Bulletin of the Indo-Pacific Prehistory Association Vol 30, 2010

Description from the website: The Bulletin of the Indo-Pacific Prehistory Association is an international, peer-reviewed, open access online journal. […]

Call for Papers: 4th SSEASR Conference on Mountains in the Religions of South and Southeast Asia

Readers might be interested in this upcoming conference in the Kingdom of Bhutan (hey, I think the conference venue alone makes it worth the trip!)

Mountains in the Religions of South and Southeast Asia: Place, Culture, and Power 4th SSEASR Conference, Thimphu, Kingdom of Bhutan 30 June – 03 July, 2011


A couple of archaeology links

Just wanted to share a couple of sites that I’ve come across in recent times:

Mobile Arch

Part of my pondering over whether I should get an iPad (or wait for the second generation one), Mobile Arch is a blog about the use of mobile technology with archaeology. The site’s quite young, but it promises […]

Field Hack: Using your iPhone as a microscope

Here’s a handy tool for the field – using your camera phone as a microscope. This video shows you how you can use a cheap ‘toy’ microscope and attach it to an iPhone case and get image magnifications of 20-45X. Of course, there shouldn’t be a reason why you wouldn’t be able to adapt the […]

Tracing man's migration to East Asia

Research from China analysing the mDNA of East Asians suggests more evidence that early man migrated to China using the “Southern Route” from Arabia, India and Southeast Asia rather than from a northern Central Asian route. [Update: Link has been fixed]

Chinese scientists reveal ancient man’s route to East Asia People’s Daily, 12 October 2010


Ipad and archaeology

I’ve been warming up to the idea of an Ipad, particularly of being able to carry a small library of ebooks and pdf documents around for quick referencing. Now to tempt me even further, Apple has a minisite on how an archaeological team from the University of Cincinnati is using ipads to assist in excavations […]

Call for Papers: CUHK Current Asian Anthropology Postgraduate Forum

The City University of Hong Kong is holding a student forum in January 2011 for postgraduates researching Asian anthropology. Deadline for applications is on October 1!

More details here.

Cultural Heritage Protection in the Asia – Pacific Region 2010: research, analysis and preservation of archaeological sites and remains

Readers might be interested in this course by the International Centre for the Study of the Preservation and Restoration of Cultural Property. Deadline for applications on 20 June 2010.

Cultural Heritage Protection in the Asia – Pacific Region 2010: research, analysis and preservation of archaeological sites and remains 7 September – 7 October 2010 Cultural […]

Media Training for Archaeologists / Historians

Nigel J. Hetherington from Past Preservers.com sends word that they are conducting a Media Training programmme targeted at historians, anthropologists and archaeologists to develop presentation skills for the screen.

The next programme will be held over the May 21st weekend in the UK and more information can be found on the Past Preservers blog.