10 more days to visit Vietnam: From Myth to Modernity

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I’m back in Singapore for the weekend and one of the items on my to-do list was to visit the Vietnam: From Myth to Modernity exhibition at the Asian Civilisations Museum. When this exhibition first opened, I had only just started my stint up north, so I was glad to finally have been able to catch this exhibition before it closed at the end of this month. If you’ve been a loyal reader of this blog, you would have realised that by far, Vietnam is the most prolific country in terms of archaeological news that gets published here – this is in part because Vietnam’s archaeological heritage is quite varied and multi-layered. I haven’t visited Vietnam myself, and I reckon it’d take me at least three or four trips to see everything that I want to see. In this respect, this exhibition did quite a good job in revealing the breadth of Vietnam’s history from prehistory to modernity through the country’s artifacts. Read on to discover Vietnam’s archaeological heritage.

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Public lecture: The Mỹ Sơn and Pô Nagar Nha Trang Sanctuaries

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From the Asia Research Institute at the National University of Singapore:

The Mỹ Sơn and Pô Nagar Nha Trang Sanctuaries: On the Cosmological Dualist Cult of the Champa Kingdom in Central Vietnam as Seen from Art and Anthropology by Dr Tran Ky-Phuong

Date: 23/04/2008
Time: 15:00 – 16:30
Venue: Asia Research Institute, 469A Tower Block, Level 10, Bukit Timah Road, National University of Singapore @ BTC
Organisers: Dr TRAN Thi Que Ha

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5 Southeast Asian archaeology sites to visit (that are not Angkor)

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Forget Angkor. Sure, it’s one of the largest religious monuments in the world, and you gotta admit that with spectacular architecture, sculpture and bas-reliefs there’s no wonder over two million people visited Cambodia last year. But the archaeological sites in Southeast Asian are so much more than the 11th century temple to Vishnu.

With some suggestions from the facebook group, SEAArch gives you the internet tour of five other spectacular archaeological sites in Southeast Asia open to the casual visitor – and three of them are UNESCO World Heritage Sites. So step in and take a look at some of the other great sites Southeast Asia has to offer – in Thailand, Malaysia, Indonesia, Vietnam, and yes, even Singapore!

Note: The names in parentheses denote the nearest airport.

Kiln find raises new questions in Cham construction methods

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A brick kiln discovered in the Quang Ngai province in Vietnam raises new questions about the construction methods used by the Cham. In its height, the Cham (4th – 9th century) controlled much of the coastline of Southern Vietnam and flourished by facilitating maritime trade between China and India.

Cham ethnic people’s relic found in Quang Ngai
Nhan Dan – 29 Dec 2007
8th century brick kiln discovered in Quang Ngai
Thanh Nien News – 29 Dec 2007
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Win 'The Art of Champa' in the SEAArch Christmas giveaway


Merry Christmas! This Christmas season, the Southeast Asian Archaeology Newsblog is giving away a hardcover copy of The Art of Champa by Jean-Francois Hubert.

The Art of Champa

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